Not knowing what kind of sleeping arrangements you’ll encounter when you’re on vacation is one of the hardest parts of taking a trip with a toddler. Will the hotel have a crib? Will it be disgusting? Will your toddler “sleep” between you and your partner all night long, making your exhausted next day of vacation slightly miserable? Does Grandma’s house need a sleep solution for grandbaby visits that doesn’t take up an entire closet?

That’s one of the reasons we fell in love with¬†DockATot¬†recently, the portable crib and bassinet that’s perfect for new parents. We even recommended it as one of¬†the best gift ideas to help parents get more sleep¬†since it’s also smart for placing on the floor, and safely transitioning a co-sleeping toddler from your bed to their very own.

The patterns are so beautiful, DockATot is now to portable baby sleepers what S’Well bottles are to water bottles. And they’re only getting better, as you can see from this exclusive look at their gorgeous new designs, ready-made for baby shower gifts that make everyone ooh and ahh.

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DockATot's new fall collection of safe baby and toddler sleepers, inspired by the patterns of Athens, Greece.

The new DockATot portable baby sleeper fabrics are gorgeous!

Pineapples, palm leaves, marble: An exclusive look at the new DockATot baby sleepers

The new fabrics in the hot new baby travel sleep solutions from DockATot

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Founder Lisa Furuland recently moved to Athens, Greece with her family and you can see her newfound inspiration with marble patterns, graphic pineapples, and mediterranean flora. Greece is the word, you guys.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Huge improvement over the baby elephants and baseball-playing puppy dogs that covered my own babies’ bedding a decade or so ago, wouldn’t you say?

You can find the complete new DockATot collection on our affiliate Amazon, or at the DockATot website