This Halloween, sure. You might want to put together the spookiest decorations, the coolest jack-o-lanterns, and the most creative costumes for your kids…but sometimes, that’s just not realistic. No shame in that, we get it!

And that’s where these clever Halloween costume photo-real t-shirts from AllPosters come in.

While the idea of Halloween costume T-shirts isn’t exactly new (80s tuxedo t-shirt, anyone?), these options are hyper-realistic, which makes them that much more cool. And they don’t look you put a costume together in a second-and-a-half.

Take a look the awesome options! No assembly required.

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Tattooed biker Halloween costume tee

So fun and edgy: A tattooed biker Halloween costume tee for your little Jax Teller or generic “Harley rider.” There’s also a slightly less edgy tattooed hipster Halloween costume tee in kid sizes. If you trick or treat in Williamsburg, no one will even think you’re wearing a costume.

Halloween costume T-shirts: Back to the Future Vest T-Shirt at

Helloooo…McFly! The only thing this Back to the Future costume tee for kids is missing is a DeLorean.


Halloween costume T-shirts: Astronaut Space Suit Costume Tee at

I love the incredible detail — down to the tubing and NASA patches! — on this toddler astronaut costume tee.

Halloween costume T-shirts: Rock Star Toddler T-Shirt Costume at Because kids don’t usually get their first pair of leather pants and Flying V guitar until they’re — what, five or six? — this toddler-sized rock star costume tee is perfect for toddler-sized rock stars.

Princess Bride Inigo Montoya photo real costume tee for kids!

How could us Princess Bride fans help but nudging our kids into dressing up in this Inigo Montoya costume tee? Perfect for looking out for the full-sizes Reese’s…and the six-fingered man.

Halloween costume T-shirts: Houndstooth Jacket Costume Tee at AllPosters.comToddlers who are more business-minded, on the other hand, can get spiffy in a pinstripe suit costume tee or this ridiculously realistic houndstooth jacket shirt. Seriously, I suddenly feel like I should be delivering paperwork, signed in triplicate.

Check out’s realistic Halloween costume T-shirts for kids — there are tons! And they have a selection for adults, too.