LEGO just keeps getting more insane — in the best possible way — with their new building kits, especially when it comes to the brand new LEGO Creator Expert: Roller Coaster set. You thought the LEGO Millenium Falcon Collectors Set was something? Well, yeah. It was.

But so is this. And for about half the price.

The 4,124-piece LEGO set is no mere building set. It’s an actual chain-lift coaster with two gravity-driven 3-car trains, a boarding station, a 44-piece track, 11 very daring minifigs, plus fairground staples like a ticket booth, concession stand, a height marker (sorry, little minifigs!), and even a photo station for those requisite post-ride scream photos.

Oh, and there’s a cotton candy cart. But you know, send your minifigs there after they’ve conquered the coaster.

You can even upgrade the kit with LEGO Power Functions sets, as well as LEGO BOOST (available from our affiliate Amazon or local toy stores) should you find the need to add a movement sensor and sound effects. Which, of course you will.

The Roller Coaster set is rated for 16+ but I know my middle-schooler would be all over this.

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the new LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster set has 4,124 pieces!

The new LEGO Creator Roller Coaster set has details like a photo booth, cotton candy stand, and height marker

The new 1400+ piece LEGO Creator Roller Coaster set has details like a cotton candy stand

the new LEGO expert builder roller coaster


Should you have a spare dining room table lying around, it would be amazing to add to the LEGO Carousel and the LEGO Ferris Wheel (available from our affiliate Target for $199 each) but honestly, I think there’s enough going on with the 20″ tall, 35″ wide coaster that it could attract a crowd all on its own.

Unfortunately, as with all the best real coasters, there will be a wait for this one — just under a month.

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the new LEGO Creator expert builder roller coaster is one amazing gift for LEGO fans

You’ll be able to find it exclusively from the LEGO website starting May 16, or grab it from a LEGO Store near you. Unless you want to pay stupid scalper prices on Amazon. And considering it’s already got a $379.99 price tag — well,, hey, it’s less than taking a family to a real roller coaster for a day. At least if you factor in all that cotton candy.