What can we say? Creative DIY Father’s Day gifts that kids help make are heart-melting. And while we know for a fact that dads love all of the Father’s Day gifts that their kids and grandkids pick out for them (and especially the gifts from our Father’s Day Gift Guide, ahem), we also know that there’s something extra-special about the presents that kids make with their own hands.

For a little inspiration in the gift-making department, we scoured the web to find some of the coolest, most creative DIY Father’s Day gifts that kids can make and give that go beyond the typical card or clay handprint.

Some of these are so easy, kids won’t even need your help; others will require a hand (or two) from you.

Whichever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind original.

Top: DIY Father’s Day Washi Tape Tie Rock Paperweights | Hello Wonderful

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Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can help make: DIY Father's Day Photo Holders by Project Kid
DIY Father’s Day Photo Holders | Tutorial via Project Kid

How cool is this mix-and-match DIY gift idea? It would look just as good in an office as it would on the coffee table or a display shelf at home. Kids will need a little help with the metal portion of the craft, but the rocks and photos are all on them.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts from the kids: tutorial for comic book coasters

Handmade Comic Coasters | Tutorial, Modge Podge Rocks Blog

We first recommended these cool coasters as a favorite homemade Father’s Day gifts way back in our 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide (whoa), and now that superheroes have totally blown up the box office, it’s a great time to bring them back! The tutorial is from an Etsy artist known for his creative handmade coasters, so you know he knows what he’s doing. Go out there and grab a Black Panther comic, and get the kids crafting!


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: DIY Father's Day Shoe Deodorizer Sachets by Alpha Mom
DIY Father’s Day Shoe Deodorizer Sachets | Tutorial, Alpha Mom

Having a good sense of humor is critical when you’re a dad, especially when it comes to all things stinky — because there are so many stinky things that happen when you’re a parent. Dad can’t blame the kids for his smelly shoes, but the kids can do something about the situation with these hilarious shoe deodorizers courtesy of crafter Brenda Ponnay for Alpha Mom. You’ll have to sew a few stitches and get out the iron, but the kids can do a large part of the work for this one. Click over for the full materials list and really helpful, specific instructions.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can help make: LEGO Photo Puzzle by A Joyful Riot

DIY Father’s Day LEGO Photo Puzzle | Tutorial, A Joyful Riot

This inventive idea has ranked high on our list of creative DIY Father’s Day gifts in years past because it’s just so clever — and it combines something that lots of dads love (photos of the kids) with something that lots of kids love (LEGO bricks)! There’s a little X-Acto action needed by a supervising adult to get the photos onto the puzzle pieces, but everyone will have a blast helping Dad put that puzzle together over brunch.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: Father's Day Rock Paperweights by Hello Wonderful

DIY Father’s Day Washi Tape Tie Rock Paperweights | Tutorial, Hello Wonderful

“Adorable” and “easy” are two of the most important attributes we look for in recommending creative DIY Father’s Day gift projects, and I think you’ll find both with this sweet project from Hello Wonderful (also at top). These are super inexpensive to make, too. Grab lots of rocks because we’re sure the kids won’t be able to stop once they start!

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Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: DIY Father's Day Shrinky Dink Tie Tacks by Oh Happy Day
DIY Father’s Day Shrinky Dink Tie Tacks | Tutorial, Oh Happy Day

We’ve included this wonderful idea in past lists of ideas for cool DIY Father’s Day gifts from the kids and it’s still a favorite. Because what tie-wearing dad wouldn’t want a teensy kid photo as a tie tack? Plus, any excuse to introduce our kids to the glory that is Shrinky Dinks.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: Father's Day Grill Prep Plates by These Little Loves
DIY Father’s Day Personalized Grill Prep Plates | Tutorial via These Little Loves

Okay, so cliché though it may be, we can never resist a clever grilling gift for dads who love their BBQ. And in order to get his best grill on, Dad needs the best tools — like these personalized prep plates that kids can make. Don’t they look like something you’d buy at a nice store? Bethany from the DIY website These Little Loves used a silhouette cameo tool to get those lines super-sharp, but she has some great tips and suggestions for how kids can make plates that are equally as cool (if not more so) without any crazy tools.

Creative photo gifts for Father's Day: DIY Photo Capsule tutorial | Kelli Crowe

DIY Photo Capsule | Tutorial, Kelli Crowe

If you’re looking for a way to preserve a lifetime of moments (those Hamilton ticket stubs, that A+ report card, your baby’s hospital wristband) or just capture one amazing memory from the past year, we love this idea that we featured in our post on 12 wonderfully creative DIY Father’s Day photo gift ideas. Click over for her tips on making your own. And hey, maybe it helps clear up some clutter, too.

Creative DIY Father's Day gifts from the kids: A plant with these free printable tags from Anders Ruff

DIY Potted Succulent with Free Printable Father’s Day Tag | Printable, Anders Ruff

Cool Mom Eats featured this idea in a roundup of free printables for food gifts and while it was designed for teachers, we realized it’s a perfect message for dads and stepdads. After all, dads definitely help us grow, right? Let the kids pick out a succulent, get their hands a little dirty planting it, and even decorate the pot for a relatively easy, and adorably creative DIY Father’s Day gift from the kids. He’ll love it.

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Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: DIY Superhero Sleep Masks by Cutesy Crafts

DIY Father’s Day Daddy-and-Me Superhero Sleep Masks | Templates and Tutorial, Cutesy Crafts

Bet you know at least a few dads who could use a little extra sleep, and that’s where these cool DIY superhero sleep masks save the day. You do need a few basic sewing skills to put them together, but the directions at the site are so fantastic and detailed, they really don’t even have to be good sewing skills. What’s even sweeter is that she’s included a template for kid-sized masks too, should the kids want to match Dad. Or maybe try a few mix-and-match masks for a full house of sleeping Avengers.

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Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: Paper Bag DIY Father's Day Book by I Heart Crafty Things

Paper Bag DIY Father’s Day Book | Template and Tutorial, I Heart Crafty Things

This super simple all-about-Dad book is surely destined for the family memory box. While there are plenty of books like this for sale, it’s so creative to make one completely from scratch from the downloadable template you can find at I Heart Crafty Things. It even includes writing prompts to get kids’ creativity flowing — and you just know their answers are going to be laugh-until-you-cry (or just cry-until-you-cry) wonderful.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can help make: DIY Daddy & Me Fingerprint Coffee Cup by Crafts by Amanda

DIY Daddy & Me Fingerprint Coffee Mug | Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

There are a lot of different directions you can take a DIY coffee cup gift, but the thumbprints on this one make it so endearing and creative. Kids can definitely get as creative, as they want, like adding multiple fingerprints to represent more family members. And be sure to check out the site’s tips for drying the cup, because you don’t want to lose this one to the dishwasher. Yikes.


Creative DIY Father's Day gifts that kids can make: DIY Father's Day Finger Paintings by Fun Learning for Kids
DIY Father’s Day Finger Paintings from the Kids | Tutorial via Learning for Kids

Yes, kids’ original art is more of a classic DIY Father’s Day gift, but I think this one is a little more special. The modern lettering makes it look more pro than preschool (though you can choose any alphabet sticker font at Michael’s or your local craft store), and it would be extra-cute to have the kids choose their own words that represent how they feel about their dad, stepdad or grandpa. Plus, it involves finger paints, one of life’s greatest messy pleasures. And when kids love making a Father’s Day gift in the first place, that love will totally shine through in the end result. Sniff.