I’m not sure if it was an Instagram ad or something else that made me click over to Garmentory, but I did, and I’m in love. We’re always looking for new designers or indie brands, and what a delight to find this site that’s kind of like the best of Etsy meets Barney’s meets old school Modcloth meets Poshmark.

Several thousand beautifully curated, well-photographed Garmentory online “boutiques” range from a brick-and-mortar Brooklyn women’s shop known for tracking down indie, edgy, “cool girl” labels, to a funky LA boutique focusing on small-run underthings and swimwear, to Pennsylvania’s Design Life Kids, whose beautiful kids’ gifts and garments we’ve featured here before.

In fact there are shops from all over the globe focusing on kids, men, home decor, stationery, beauty, jewelry and more.

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Find great indie brand shopping at Garmentory | Maryam Zadir Nassar tortoise purse

Maryam Nassir Zadeh tortoise purse from one of a Few

Small Funkis dollhouse from Design life Kids at Garmentory

Ferm Living Small Funkis Wooden Dollhouse from Design Life Kids

Gitman Vintage Flannel Men's Hoodie from Phoenix General on Garmentory

Gitman Brushed Cotton Flannel Men’s Hoodie from Phoenix General

You can search by region, by boutique, or by a category as specific as women’s bags, should you want to discover something new and fabulous that no one else has — or just purchase a brand you already covet (like Puma or Paul Smith) from an independent shop instead of a big department store.

There are some bargains to be had — and plenty of post-holiday sales right now — but also plenty of splurges. I happen to be fawning over the Maryam Nassir Zadeh tortoise purse (shown above), and the extra-long black cardigan from Groceries Apparel which is out of my size now, wah — but hey, you can add to a wish list and get notified when they’re back in stock.

Okay, so I did indulge a bit when I found the site, taking advantage of a Black Friday sale. My haul: A stunning, thick gray Pure Cashmere NYC oversized scarf from NJ boutique Blancsom. I’ve hardly taken off since I bought it, it’s just that cozy and comfy and perfect.

If you want to steal the look, feel free. Just know there’s only one left right now. That’s the thing about shopping indie.

Top images: Lauren Manoogian Crochet Grid Bag | Wray Fair-Trade Port Trench CoatSalondeju Booties