Is there anything new parent topic that generates more controversy than sleep training? Arguably…no way. But can we finally stop fighting about what’s right and wrong? Yes!


Certified sleep training expert Tamiko Kelly, owner of Sleep Well Wake Happy, has spent 50,000 hours sleep training babies. We’re so happy she joined us on this episode of Spawned for a fun (really!) and incredibly helpful discussion that may change what you think you know about sleep training your baby.

She also offers up the 5 biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to sleep training to help parents get out of some bad habits.

The top sleep-training tips from expert Tamiko Kelly of Sleep Well Wake Happy

Whether you’re in the midst of those sleepless newborn nights right now, or you’re totally past that phase, we think you’ll get a lot out of this chat, because her lessons about sleep training are so applicable to all parenting struggles. Plus, she’s just so fun to talk to.

Take a listen right here right now!

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And if you’re not in the Austin area, you can still reap Tamiko’s wisdom by signing up for her free online 30minute sleep training workshop. Good luck out there!

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Kakeibo is the Japanese art of mindful spending and budgeting, and this journal can help

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