We are incredibly thrilled to present our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Whoo! If you can believe, this is our 14th annual holiday gift guide, and this year, well, we think we might have outdone ourselves. (Or maybe it’s just the exhaustion talking). We’ve curated over 200 gifts in the most 2019-iest Holiday Gift Guide ever.

What does that mean, exactly? Think Fleabag gift ideas, #couplegoalsVSCO girls, and gifts that prove you’re so not a Boomer to your kids, plus lots more cool, unique, super fun gifts for everyone on your list that we’re pretty sure you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Tile helps you keep track of all your stuff | sponsor

Our holiday gift guide is brought to you by our amazing sponsor Tile, which we loved for years and use ourselves (how do you think we never lose our keys?). Their products are ones we’ve come to rely on to help us keep track of all of our things, and well, they’re an excellent gift on their own or with one of the gifts from our guide so your lucky recipient never loses it. And they’ve got a pretty awesome special offer you won’t want to miss.

As always, when you shop from our guide, you’re often supporting small, indie-run, female-owned, diverse businesses that could use the love and support this holiday season, many of whom have kindly offered discount codes to make shopping from them even more affordable, which we’re so grateful for.

Speaking of gratitude, we’re thankful for you too, because we’re hoping that you love this guide so much, you’ll share it on your social media feeds, and send it to friends and family who might need some cool gift ideas too. When you do that, you’re actually helping us continue to do what we love, so VIRTUAL GROUP HUG!

So, happy shopping from our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Just promise us that when the people on your list are like DAMN WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT? you’ll let us know. That makes our heart swell more than you know.