Gifts for the VSCO girl who loves the label, uses the hashtag, owns her aesthetic. Sksksksksk.


VSCO Girls are so 2019 it hurts. But we’re not here to put them down. We salute any girl who’s putting herself out there, owning her confidence, supporting other girls (right?), and getting the rest of us to use reusable straws. 

So let’s assume your favorite VSCO girl already owns a Hydroflask and an Instagram-enabled device. Here are some fun gift ideas beyond the #VSCOStarterPack. 

Gifts for the VSCO girl who loves the label, uses the hashtag, owns her aesthetic. Sksksksksk.




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Silicone Straw Tips

For those metal straws she already owns. 

$5.95, Amazon


Hand-Painted Billie Eilish AF1 Sneakers

AF1s are the VSCO Girl sneaker of choice, and this cool shop decorates them all kinds of ways to make hers one-of-akind,.

$169 and up on sale, Drip Creationz


PuraVida Bracelets

Can you ever really stack too many? Buy them individually or check out the style packs.
There’s also a monthly PuraVida bracelet subscription gift starting at $10/mo.

$10 and up; style packs about $35-45, PuraVida


Personalized iPhone Case

Pick your colors, pick your name, pick your iPhone from the 5S to the 11 Pro Max. (Oof.)

$78, Bauble Bar

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Does she want to lose her headphones? Her sunnies? Her keys? Her backpack? No, she does not. Thanks to Tile, the Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, stickers, you can find all kinds of items in seconds. Even a water bottle.

Attach the tags or stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? — and use your phone to locate it by sound or see it on a map. Brilliant! And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how awesome they are.


A Color Story ACS+ Photo Editing App Subscription

Sure she’s already using VSCO. But she may fall in love with this app. 
The ACS+ subscription includes unlimited access to filters and effects from pro photographers. 

$24.99/year, A Color Story



Good Vibes Tee

Pairs equally with Crocs, Birks, Vans, and AF1s. 

$19.99, Stark Ambition



Tile Tracker Stickers + A Custom Hydroflask

Do you know how easy it is to lose a Hydroflask?
Do you know how easy it is to stick a Tile sticker on it and find it again?

$29/Tile sticker 2-pack on sale ($10 off), from our partner Tile
$34 and up/Custom Hydroflask in 11 sizes, MyHydro



A Gift Card to LUSH

We love LUSH. It’s a great company, doing great things,
and she’ll love picking out her own bath and beauty products.

$10-300, LUSH (e-gift and physical cards both available)



Upcycled Scrunchies Supporting an Amazing Cause

If you’re going to wear scrunchies, how about these, which are good for the environment, and good for the women in “backwards caste” communities to help employ them gainfully and break the cycle of forced child marriage and prostitution. So yeah, they’re not your ordinary scrunchies. 

$6/2-pack, To the Market



$32.99, Zappos



Set of 50 Decals

For a water bottle, a laptop, or a notebook. You can even choose her favorite color.

$7.99, Amazon


A Sea Turtle Conservancy Membership

Save the turtles. Or adopt one (which includes lots of cool benefits).
Photo: Racine Zoo, which supports the conservation efforts of the STC. 


$30 and up.