Cool Mom Picks 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2019 holiday gift guide that truly could not have been created any other year.


Friends, 2019 was something else. And so is our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

As we’ve been doing since 2006 (!), we’ve worked our booties off, lovingly curating the best-of-the-best gifts for all kinds of people in every price range. Only instead of tracking down gifts by recipient, this year we’re doing it by interest. Got a Fleabag-obsessed BFF on your list? A Star Wars stan? A favorite feminist in your life? A dad who loves being a dad more than anything in the world? A teen who responds, “okay, Boomer” to basically everything these days?

Well we’ve got 200+ of best gift ideas for all of them. And keep checking back as we’ll be rolling out even more holiday gifts, including dozens of the coolest holiday gift ideas, all $15 or less.

And while of course while you’ll find gifts from big brands and stores you love, our hearts are always with the small businesses, makers, and smaller brands who really value your support over the holidays — and who have been kind enough to provide some great discount codes and deals.

And speaking of tracking down the coolest gifts (see what we did there?), we are SO thrilled to welcome a truly amazing sponsor: Tile.


The Tile Bluetooth tracker makes it so easy to find loss and missing items. So many uses! And huge deals now for the holidays (sponsor)

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Tile makes the popular Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, stickers, that allow you to find lost or missing items in seconds — keys, your wallet, your remote, your phone, your toddler’s lovey, your teen’s skateboard or backpack, your lightsaber…you get the idea.

(Sorry busy parents, you can’t attach one to your heads. Ha.)

Attach it to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? —  and use your phone to locate it by sound or on a map. Brilliant! And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how wonderful they are. And of course, they’re extra awesome for helping to make our gift guide possible this year.

With that…happy shopping everyone!

xoxo  Liz, Kristen, and the Cool Mom Picks team


It doesn’t end here though. We’ll still be featuring loads more gift ideas for everyone on your list on Cool Mom Picks, Cool Mom Tech, and Cool Mom Eats, so keep checking back — and of course, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to catch all of our daily holiday gift suggestions.

Cool Mom Picks 2019 holiday gift guide: The most fun ever

There has been no compensation any of the editorial picks throughout our guide — just the stuff we love, selected by us. We know, that’s rare these days but it’s how we do things. 

This guide includes affiliate links. That means if you purchase something through some of the links in our guide, we may receive a small commission to help support our own small business, all at no additional cost to you. And thank you for that!

All prices are accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication but subject to change.