Cool holiday gifts for teens and older tweens that won’t make them roll their eyes and say, "okay Boomer" behind your back


There are just are so many cool gifts for teens and almost-teens out there right now and we love finding them. But it can be hard. What’s most important that you know your kid best — are they into sports? Theater? Music? Gaming? Tech? Beauty? Activism? Reading? Let their passions and interests guide your picks. 

So we’ve put together all kinds of cool gifts for teens that are “in” right now, according to our own teens and older kids. We hope they’re legit cool enough to pass the picky teen test for you too. Be sure to check the rest of our guide too, including Star Wars gifts, eco-friendly gifts, and gifts under $15 for kids of all ages.

(And of course, none of the kids you know would really respond to any gift with “okay, boomer.”  Otherwise, they’re on their own for 2020.)

Cool holiday gifts for teens and older tweens that won’t make them roll their eyes and say, “ok, boomer” behind your back




All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff. There has been no compensation for inclusion. (We know that's rare.)

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including 50+ cool gifts for kids and teens, all under $15





$24.95 and up, Cratejoy


$49.94 on sale, Amazon

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City Pride Socks

(item no longer available but these LGBTQ Trevor Project socks are)

$13, Uncommon Goods with 6 different cities available



Everything Apple: In

$159 Apple because no, they really don’t need AirPod Pros.


Freestyle Love Supreme Tickets

Lin-Manuel: In

$59 and up, Telecharge or the Booth Theater box office


Blinger Deluxe Set

Bedazzler 2.0: In

$24.99, Amazon


$31.94 + $10.49, Amazon


Gift Cards. To Anything.

Spending your own money: In

Prices vary, every store anywhere. 
Send e-gift cards, or pick one up. 

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$64.99, NBA Store

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Kids lose stuff. Actually, we all lose stuff. But the Tile Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, Tile stickers, help you find lost items in seconds: Your keys, your sunglasses, your skateboard or bike, your phone, your backpack, your camera, your gamer control….you get the picture. 

Attach the tags or stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? — and use your phone to locate it by sound or see it on a map. Brilliant!  And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how awesome they are.


DIY Mochi Making Kit

Japanese treats: In

$30, Uncommon Goods


$15, Pop Sockets, with 50% going directly to the charity of choice


Framed Attack BMX Bike

Throwback fat wheel BMX: In

$252 and up, Amazon (plus $69 to order assembled)


Print of Their Favorite Feminist Icon

Feminism + Intersectionality: In 
(And not just for girls)

$14.40/ea or $54/set of 4, The Film Artist


$88, Nordstrom


Jaws Board Game

Bruce: In

$22.49, Target


$52, Bauble Bar


$35/mo and up, Cratejoy


Steven Universe Cookies

(item no longer available) 

Steven, Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl: In

$66.85, Armstina’s Cookies


$99, Amazon, with deals on some colors


Fluide Holographic Lip Gloss Trio

Gender-neutral cosmetics: In

$30 on sale, Fluide Beauty

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