The good news: I finally found the one affordable little gift I know will please every one of my kids. Baby Yoda: The Child Funko POP! figurine, fresh off his Mandalorian boost into meme-of-the-year status, complete with a Lin Manuel approved viral Baby Yoda Hamilton mashup song.

I mean, come on. BABY YODA! Who among us — I mean, among our kids — would not want this little guy on a desk or shelf or in a pocket or next to you under the covers each night?

Baby Yoda Funko pop from the Mandalorian: When you can get it

The Funko blog reports that he’ll come in a standard size, as well as a “near-lifesize 10-inch version!”

(Baby Yoda is really just a foot tall? And you thought porgs were cute.)

Now for the bad news: You won’t be able to add him to your POP collection until early spring of 2020. Hopefully he doesn’t get any bigger by then.