Our house needs more tiny LEGO pieces like it needs a hole in the roof, but then the new LEGO Brick Sketches were finally released on the LEGO site. They’re so cute, I find myself actually wanting one.For me.

The new kits are part building set, part puzzle, part 3D artwork. And they each feature pop culture icons, from BB8 to the Joker to a LEGO Brick Sketch Batman whose smirk reads very Will Arnett in the LEGO Batman movie.

Which, of course, makes me want it more.

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We love the smirk on this Batman LEGO brick sketch.

We're obsessed with the eyebrows on this LEGO brick sketch of the Joker.

Don’t be fooled. These kits look simple in the pictures, but each one includes 150-200 pieces and are recommended for ages 8 and up. Which I’m pretty sure could buy you at least a few hours of non-screen time play these days.

Plus the finished product looks cool enough that your kid ma want it displayed in their bedroom — or home office if you’re buying for a nerd  spouse like I am. Because, as he keeps telling me, that old LEGO Millennium Falcon model needs a friend.

Find all four LEGO brick sketches exclusively online at the LEGO website right now.