Like everyone I know, I was absolutely captivated and moved by Michelle Obama’s DNC speech last night. (Please, watch if you haven’t already.)  It’s what I woke up thinking about this morning and I know I will keep thinking about it.

And while it was a far, far second to the speech, I admit I was also thinking about the VOTE necklace she was a wearing last night. And oof, I want one.

You too? You can get one! We tracked it down!

Top image: © DNC via AP

Michelle Obama's VOTE necklace from the DNC: where to get it

In three to four weeks, designer Chari Cuthbert and her team at BYCHAR will created a spaced-letter necklace for you in 14k white, yellow or rose gold, with the letters V-O-T-E dangling from the delicate chain. Or any other word or initials that mean something to you, if you choose the custom necklace option. But I like VOTE.

It’s a far cry from an I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U message, that’s for sure.

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Where to buy Michelle Obama's VOTE necklace that we all adore

BYCHARI’s necklace does start at $295 — and that’s without the diamonds — so if you have it in your budget, enjoy! You’ll get a beautiful piece, handmade sustainably in Los Angeles, all supporting a cool woman-owned small business.

It would also make a fabulous 18th birthday gift for a special teen who gets to vote in their first election this year.

However, if that’s out of your budget, I get it. In which case, may I recommend sending a few bucks to a downballot candidate in a tight race who can really use your help instead? Or to an impactful voter registration group, or election protection organization like Common Cause?

I think Michelle would be okay with that.


Thanks Kim G!