We couldn’t put together a gift guide this year without including the best gifts for Taylor Swift fans, right? Whether or not you’re a Swiftie yourself, you probably know someone who is–like my niece who was at the rainiest rain show that ever rain showed, ever, ever, ever (IYKYK). Or like Liz’s daughter Sage, who vetted all of our picks here…and even added a few of her own. (Thanks, Sage!)

Wwith Swiftmas quickly approaching (and Swiftukkah?), we’ve worked hard to track down the very best Taylor Swift gifts beyond friendship bracelets (though we have those too, of course!) and  we think you’ll find the perfect gift for Swifties of all ages, who will love it to the moon and to Saturn.

Let us help you shop with our Holiday Gift Guides as well as our guide to The Best Gifts For Kids by Age. And don’t forget Cool Mom Eats and Cool Mom Tech for even more gifts for everyone on your list. 

The Best Taylor Swift Gifts for Your Favorite Swiftie

22 incredible Taylor Swift gifts for Swift fans! | cool mom picks holiday gifts 2023

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Taylor Swift gifts for fans: The Taylor Swift eras mug illustrated by Jennifer VallezTaylor Swift Eras mug

Jennifer Vallez's blanket features Taylor Swift's many Eras outfits | The best Taylor Swift giftsTaylor Swift minky blanket

We probably all know someone who would scream and immediately wrap themselves up in this beautifully illustrated Taylor Swift minky blanket. Featuring Taylor’s many outfits from her Eras tour illustrated by artist Jennifer Vallez (a long-time CMP favorite indie maker), you can even wrap it in matching gift wrap! Or, browse her Etsy shop for some awesome Taylor Swift gifts like the wonderful Taylor Swift eras mug shown above. (blankets $40+, Jennifer Vallez shop, mug $25+, Etsy)

Football-themed sweatshirt for your favorite Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce fan | The best Taylor Swift gifts

Taylor Swift gifts: Tis the Damn Season holiday sweatshirt in lots of colors | The best Taylor Swift gifts‘Tis the Damn Season Taylor Swift football sweatshirt… or Taylor Swift holiday sweatshirt

This ‘Tis The Damn (Football) Season Sweatshirt from Snowdrop Tee is the perfect nod to Taylor’s new beau without having to don yourself in KC Chiefs gear–a no-can-do for this New Englander. (Sorry!) Alternately, the Taylor Swift ‘Tis the Damn Season Sweatshirt from Quartz Design Studio–no football references–may be a little more versatile, and we’ll leave it at that.  ($20+, Etsy)

Personalized 2024 journal in the 1989-style makes a great Taylor Swift gift.Personalized Taylor Swift 1989-inspired journal

Tap into the Taylor’s Version latest-release frenzy with this personalized 1989-style 2024 journal from Standout Gear. This Taylor Swift gift gives a Swiftie a place to jot down their thoughts, song lyrics, or plans for how to get tickets to her next tour. ($22.50, Etsy)

Natural LIfe bracelet making kit is one of the best gifts for a Taylor Swift fan.Spread Love bracelet-making kit for Taylor Swift fans

There are literally hundreds of Taylor Swift friendship bracelet-making kits out there, but we really love this beautifully packaged Spread Love Bracelet Making Kit from Natural Life, which looks very “gifty” for your Swiftie. (heh) Plus, Liz’s teen has one and vouches for it! We also liked single friendship bracelet-making packs from Michelle and Company that are fantastic for stocking stuffers or goodie bags. ($14.25, Natural Life and $16+,Michelle & Co on Etsy)

These custom bracelets from Bauble Bar are some of the best Taylor Swift gifts: Step up from the classic beaded friendship bracelet. Personalized stack of bracelets for Taylor Swift fans

If you’re shopping for a Taylor Swift gift for the fan who is less of a DIY-er and more ready-to-wear, Bauble Bar has so many amazing, customizable, bracelets in lots of different styles so you can tailor your picks to their favorite Taylor albums. Especially love the customizable bubblegum pink slider bracelet and  woven friendship bracelets shown above. And if you like that “13” bracelet, you can create one using the Custom Disc Pisa Bracelet. ($38+, Bauble Bar)

The best Taylor Swift Gifts: 1989 Taylor's version album and turntable1989 (Taylor’s Version) vinyl + Audio-Technica turntable

Real Swifties know that you have to have the Taylor’s versions of all her albums, with 1989 being her most recent blockbuster release (if you’re not as familiar with her discography as the person you’re shopping for). Love the 1989 vinyl with its bonus tracks!

If you’re really generous, pair this great-sounding, fairly affordable turntable from audio-technica, which we featured in our Coolest Birthday Gifts for Teens and makes a terrific first turntable for new vinyl collectors. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can listen through headphones–but anyone in the room will probably hear every word as they sing along. (album $31.89, Taylor Swift & $37.98, Amazon; turntable $219, Amazon)

The best Taylor Swift gifts: A cassette version of 1989 for fan who is rediscovering the joy of tape decksOfficial 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cassette

Really want to throw back to 1989? Kids are starting to listen to cassettes again, and you can grab the official 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cassette of her remastered masterpiece! This is a fantastic collector’s item for a Taylor Swift fan–not just those of us who remember 1989 all too well. ($19.89 of course, Taylor Swift online)

Beautifully made needlepoint pillows from Furbish Studio are one of the best gifts for a Taylor Swift fan.Taylor Swift needlepoint throw pillow (and another one!)

So beautifully embroidered, these hand-stitched needlepoint pillows from Furbish Studio get a modern update withTaylor’s lyrics (also one shown at top). And, psst, the This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things pillow is currently 20% off at Maisonette! ($108 Furbish, $84.80, Maisonette)


The best Taylor Swift Gifts like this prayer candle from Flix Wix
Taylor Swift prayer candle

Praying for tickets? We can’t be sure the saintly Taylor Swift prayer candle from Oregon’s women-owned Flix Wix Candles will help, but it can’t hurt! While you’re at it, maybe you can pray for lower prices too. ($12, Flix Wix Candles)

Taylor Swift Cardigans: An amazing gift for a Swiftie from this shop selling all things TaylorTaylor Swift Cardigans

It’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one of the original Taylor Swift cardigans that she’s released, and the resold versions are super spendy. Instead, Sage guided us toward a whole selection of Taylor Swift “inspired” cardigans from this super fan merch shop. They’re all around $100 on sale, if you hurry — and trust us, that’s a bargain! Sage has her eye on the Lover cardigan, or the Reputation cardigan, if you’re looking for a place to start for a special Taylor Swift gift. (From $59.99 for cropped cardis to $99 on sale for the rest, TayTay Merch)


Taylor Swift-related ABC book and Little Golden Book both are a great gift for the little SwiftieTaylor Swift Legends Alphabet book+ Taylor Swift Little Golden Book

You can’t really start kids too young, can you? The bold Taylor Swift Legends Alphabet book and the retro Taylor Swift Little Golden Book are both adorable ways to introduce the next generation. Along with her music of course. They’d also be perfect gifts for Taylor Swift fans who are expecting. ($17.96 and $4.78, Amazon)


One of the best Taylor Swift gifts is this paint-by-number kit by NY artist Sammy GorinTaylor Swift paint-by-number kit 

Paint-by-number kits are one of our favorite gifts to give because they’re so relaxing to do and you end up with a fun keepsake in the end. This clever Pop Star (um, as in Taylor Swift) paint-by-number kit from New York-based artist Sammy Gorin will be admired for a long time. ($39.95, Urban General Store)

Learn to play ukulele like Taylor Swift!
Online ukulele lesson + Taylor Swift-Ukulele Collection of Sheet Music + ukulele

If you need a Taylor Swift gift for a fan who wants to play like Tay–for at least one song– a really creative idea is this highly rated, single virtual ukulele lesson ($15, Outschool) with Berklee College Grad and performer Aaron Lewinter. Pair it with the Taylor Swift-Ukulele Collection of sheet music to keep the tunes going. ($22.99, Amazon)

Oh — and if they need the instrument too, you’ll find ukuleles at all price points and sizes; this Kala Satin Mahogany Soprano is a great option for tweens or those with smaller hands who will hopefully stick with the new hobby. ($89, Amazon)

The best Taylor Swift gifts include this album puzzle from Two Lost Girls ArtTaylor Swift album cover jigsaw puzzle

With options from 30 to1000 pieces, a Taylor Swift puzzle from Two Lost Girls Art makes a great gift for Swifties of all jigsaw puzzling abilities. ($25+, Etsy)

Taylor Swift keychains from Dot Dot Goose | The best Taylor Swift gifts“F the Patriarchy” key chain

Even if a Swiftie drives a car that’s more Mazda than Maserati, they can still serve attitude with one of these acrylic key chains. Love this g-rated version shown here as a Taylor Swift gift for older kids, though you can get the uncensored version of the keyring for us adult Taylor Swift Fans. If you dare.($9.75+, Dot Dot Goose Co on Etsy)

Charitable gift idea for a Taylor Swift fan: Donation to a food bankTribute donation to a food bank

One of the many things Taylor is known for is her generosity; we love the quiet donations to local food pantries that she makes whenever she is in a new town for a concert. A thoughtful gift for the Swiftie who owns all the merch? A donation to your own local food pantry, or to an organization like World Central Kitchen that feeds people in need around the world.  (Photo via Unsplash +)