No matter how I personally feel about the goofily coined term “Galentine’s Day,”  I do agree that this is the year I might send Valentine’s gifts to friends. And I don’t mean friends with benefits! Just…friends.

As we are approaching what was once unthinkable — our one year anniversary in quarantine (oof ) — I am so thankful for all the love, humor, and support of my own friends who have picked me up when I’ve wanted to hide under the covers. And I know that my friends who are single, with or without kids, may find Valentine’s Day hitting extra hard this year. Even if they say it’s a stupid holiday they don’t care about.

From virtual cocktail parties or game nights, to endless texts, to long calls hidden in a corner of the house where no one can find us, women’s friends have been a shining beacon throughout all of this. Truly, some of you deserve a spa-weekend celebration on a private island, but, since I’m not a Kardashian, I’ve pulled together a bunch of more reasonable Valentine’s gifts for friends, from $ to $$. (But no $$$$$$$$$.)

Think about whether there’s a very special friend or two who you want to show some extra love to this year. Not that you need one, but Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for a fun surprise.

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eCreamery Galentine’s Day Pints

They'll scream for eCreamery's Galentine's Day ice cream collection

They’ll scream when they realize you’ve ordered them a four-pack of eCreamery’s Galentine’s Day Premium Collection all decked out with messages of support like “you are enough” and “know your worth.” Is that a perfect Valentine’s gift for a friend or what? They can ponder those wise words as they dive spoon first into Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites. ($59.99)

DIY Heart-Shaped Succulent Kit

This DIY kit from Succulent Gardens makes a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for a special friend

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck (pun intended) for any BFF who receives this incredible heart-shaped DIY succulent planter from Succulent Gardens in California. Each 7-inch planter is constructed from reclaimed redwood and comes packaged with six easy-to-care-for tiny succulent plants and decorative moss. It’s a little splurgy, but you probably have a friend who deserves it. ($59, includes shipping)

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Brightbox Galentines Box

Brightbox Valentines gift for friends is full of treats they'll love to get

I’ve written about Brightbox here before because I love how thoughtfully assembled each affordable little box of treats is, before they ship it off to your very special person. And their Galentine’s box does not disappoint, filled with nice, not cheap-looking, little items like bath salts, a toning face masks, a pink fortune cookie (with fortune!), and a little chocolate because, well, it’s Valentine’s Day…all for only $15. Really! Including shipping! You can even pick out the card you like most and they’ll print your personalized note on the back so you can tell your BFF all the ways she makes the world a better place.  ($15, free shipping)

Cocktail drink bombs

Send My Drink Bomb's delicious cocktail bombs to your friend for Valentine's Day

Move over hot cocoa bombs: I know these cocktail-flavored drink bombs from Etsy’s MyDrinkBombs are the perfect Valentine’s gift for friends, because it’s something I’d really want for my own Valentine’s Day gift! Their six pack of cocktail bombs includes their most popular flavors like Prosecco Rose and Margarita;.just add a carbonated beverage or the booze. Though I think the “Hangover” flavor may probably be best in straight club soda. ($29.50, also available in two-packs and singles)

Vosges Champagne Truffles

Send your friend a box of Vosges Love Potion Champagne Truffles for Valentine's Day

Like Pavlov’s dog, say “Valentine’s Day” and I start thinking about chocolates. But not just any chocolates off a drugstore shelf! I’m thinking gourmet stuff, like these incredibly decadent Love Potion Champagne Truffles from Vosges that come in a pretty box filled with 5 cocoa-dusted orbs of goodness. If your friend is a connoisseur of unique flavor combinations, they will not be disappointed by Vosges’ Self Love Las Bombalinas which combines I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts and Reishi mushrooms in a gold-dusted truffle. Whoa. ($18 for the above, though there are options all the way up to, gulp, $228)

Sugarwish candy, cookies, or popcorn delivery

Give your friends Sugarwish candy and treats for Valentine's Day

Not sure what kind of treat they’d like best for Valentine’s Day? I love that Sugarwish lets you send a Valentine’s gift for a friend that they get a say in. The ecard notification you select tells them to choose from colorful candy, scrumptious cookies, or some amazing flavors of popcorn. (Liz says the chocolate drizzled popcorn is not to be believed.) Choose the Sugarwish Select and your friend can mix and match a little — or a lot — of all three! Then they get the bonus of a second gift, when the actually box arrives. (wishes start at $20)

A fierce and funny self-care book…

Give your BFF the Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies book for a Valentine's gift

You may not be able to gift a friend a few quiet hours each day to read, but you can give her a memorable, hilarious, and poignant book about self-care like Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies which you’ll find on Indiebound,  Amazon, or from your local independent book seller. Not only does it have a gorgeous cover, it’s filled with incredible tips that seem especially important to remember right now. (from $16.56)

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…and add a special bookmark

Lisa Leonard pewter heart-shaped bookmark to gift for Valentines Day to a friend

Tuck one of Lisa Leonard’s yellow pewter heart bookmarks inside the pages on any book you gift to make it even more special. Maybe  a book from a woman author you want to support? The sunny yellow color is symbolic of all the brightness your friend bring into your life, and the words “Brave Love” on the back will remind them that they are strong enough to get through tough times. (on sale for $15.99)

Sparkling wines and spritzers

SHE CAN wines from McBride Sisters make a great Valentines gift for friends

Cocktails with our besties might be on hold but you can sure send a Valentine’s gift to a friend like this SHE CAN four-pack of wine and spritzers from McBride Sisters. Hey, maybe grab one for yourself so you can toast each other via Zoom. Created by a Black-owned, women-owned wine company that we featured in 15 delicious Father’s Day food gifts supporting black-owned businesses, the SHE CAN message is particularly relevant right now. ($23.99)


Bridgerton’s Penelope & Eloise BFF Wineglass Tumbler

A Bridgerton wine tumbler Valentine's gift for friends from Cups and Masks on Etsy

If you’ve spend hours gushing over Netflix’s Bridgerton via text, tell your bestie that she is the Penelope to your Eloise (really, the two best characters IMHO) with this Bridgerton wine tumbler from Etsy’s Cups and Masks. Whether or not you include a bottle of wine, it’ll let a friend know you think she’s brilliant, brave, and the person that lights up your world when everyone else around you has gone crazy. ($15+)

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Pamper your friend for Valentine's Day with this Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

We all miss fun experiences with our friends like spa days (or just, you know, talking in person without a mask) so I think she’ll love you for sending her an at-home spa day thanks to this Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin from Alabama’s 1818 Farms. If she’s got kids at home, maybe include a new DVD to keep them occupied while she indulges in an uninterrupted soak in the lovely Lavender Goat’s Milk Bath Tea. ($32 at Uncommon Goods)

Love Who You Love Socks

Blue Q Love Who You Love socks are a great Valentine's Day gift for a friend


Cozy feet and an awesome affirming message? Two thumbs up for these new pretty Love Who You Love socks that forego Blue Q’s typical NSFW cheekiness for pure sweetness, in both men and women sizes. Nice Valentine’s gift for a single friend to remind them that when the heart knows, the heart knows. Even if it’s not right now.  ($10.99-$12.99; also available in a shopping tote)

Valentine’s Day heart craft kit for friends

Crafty friends will love We Are Knitters heart Valentine's Day gift for friends

With so much of winter still to go, I know my crafty friends will love getting something to keep their hands and minds busy creating something, and not just scrolling Netflix or refreshing Instagram. This DIY Happy Cushion Mini Kit from We Are Knitters includes everything a knitter needs to knit and stuff a heart shaped cushion they can hug when the days get long — and think of you, and remember how much they’re loved. Considered an “easy level” craft (a step up from “beginner”), the kit comes with instructions and all supplies except for stuffing. ($40)

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A little heart-shaped flair 

Coping Admirably pin from Rainbow Headquarters is a perfect Valentine's gift for a friend who has survived 2020

It’s been a hard year. Let them know you see them with this Coping Admirably enamel pin from Rainbow Headquarters. And promise them a BIG hug when it’s safe to do that again.  ($11 with 10% of the net proceeds from this sale to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

Coffee and Chocolate gifts that support women and local farmers

Ecuadorian coffee and chocolates make an excellent gift for friends on Valentine's Day

Galetti chocolates from Ecuador are a sweet Valentines Day gift for friends

Coffee and chocolate have been my MVPs throughout quarantine, and shipping off a care package of Ecuadorian single-origin coffee and fine chocolates from fair-trade Galletti is a perfect gift Valentine’s gift for a friend. (Hint hint, should one of my own BFFs be reading this, ha.) With a mission to protect the environment, support local farms, and create good jobs for women and men in the community, there is a lot to love about this Ecuadorian company. Plus, the packaging on their chocolates doesn’t even need more wrapping paper! Just stick a note on it and hand it over. (from $16.99+)

St. Galentine Flowers

St. Galentine flowers from the Bouqs will cheer up your friend's Valentine's Day

I know flowers are a bit expected on Valentine’s Day, even as a Valentine’s gift for a friend, and they can definitely get expensive. But for a friend who doesn’t receive them often, or who doesn’t necessarily buy them for herself, they can bring an unexpected boost to an otherwise cold and dark February day. We’ve long love The Bouqs for their sustainably sourced flowers and gorgeous arrangements, and I’m especially smitten with this unique St. Galentine arrangement which is full of delicate peach, orange, and pink roses and fun yellow poms. It’s a hug in flower form. And heaven knows we could all use some more hugs right now. (from $49)