As we enter the hundredth or so month of this COVID-19 craziness, I have been thinking so much about all the far-away friends and family I’m missing this summer: The nieces and nephews I cannot hug. The great aunt I won’t see down the Jersey Shore. The college friend who will not be coming up from Florida for an annual girls’ weekend.

[Ed note: Plus Liz and her family’s annual summer visit. – Liz, typed with a sad face]

Wwhile Zoom meetups, long phone calls, and text messages have been helping me feel closer to so many people, I’ve loved Kristen’s suggestions for small, thoughtfull gifts we can mail to remind people we love that we’re thinking about them.

One more to add to the list: the easy-to-mail gift ideas I’ve seen on Brightbox.

They let me send a sweet and affordable message directly to the Very Important People in my life, no matter their age, interests or style. My favorite: Definitely the Brightbox Curated Boxes.

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Brightbox Curated gift boxes: Send one affordably to someone you're missing. This one is just for kids.For kids

Mail a Brightbox Candy Lovers box to someone special: They're affordable and thoughtful!For candy lovers

Brightbox curated gift boxes: There's one made just for nursesFor nurses

For just $15, send a Brightbox Man Box to brighten a lucky fella's day. Especially if you're missing him. For guys

With 25 options, you’ll find super-cute assortments of gifts curated for kids, new moms, friends, guys, and the true VIPs of our time, nurses.

Each box is filled with little treats and a personalized note (you pick the style), which are then packaged into a small, brightly labeled box. Hence, the company name.

There’s even a back to school box for kids who may be needing a little excitement around this strange start to the 2020 school year, when a new backpack may not be in the cards.

The best part? They start at just $15, including postage!

I especially love that I don’t have to “mask up” and go shopping for each individual item or even make a trip to the post office. Brightbox takes care of it all — I just get to accept all the thanks when it arrives.

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Send a Brightbox paper hug card: it comes with confetti and a tiny treat, and they even mail it for you

One more option: For just $5, check out Brightbox’s Confetti Cards — you can send a beautifully designed greeting card from an independent artist, without having to browse the drug store card aisle. Once you add your own custom message, Brightbox will mail the card (from the USPS yay!) complete with colorful confetti and a tiny treat, anywhere in the United States

If there was ever a time to tell someone that you’re thinking of them, it’s now.

Check out Brightbox’s Curated Boxes and Confetti Cards to send to the special people in your life. Shipping included for U.S. addresses only.