You know how much we love gifts that give back, and I was thrilled to find one more in the new Happy Jack x Kenneth Cole capsule collection.

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Shop to give back to a noble mental health cause: The Happy Jack x Kenneth Cole capsule collection donates 100% to support teens who are struggling

This is actually their second Happy Jack x Kenneth Cole partnership collection, designed in memory of Jack Nathan, A.K.A. “Happy Jack.” He was a teen who struggled with anxiety and depression and found solace through art therapy. But he went further. In an effort to help other teens in the same situation, he would ask, “Are you happy?” and if the answer was no, he could let them know that they were not alone, and work to get them support. Not because he thought he could make everyone happy all the time (no one can do that, and it’s not healthy to think that we should be), but to help other young people with struggles understand that there should be good days, bad days, and lots of days in between.

I love that nuance. And you look closely, the logo doesn’t say HAPPY! Above an imperfect smile, it asks the question: HAPPY?

The idea is to get conversations started, because that’s where the work begins.

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Happy Jack x Kenneth Cole capsule collection donates 100% to teens struggling with mental health issues

Tragically, Jack died in 2020 at just 19 as a result of fentanyl poisoning. But his mission lives on through The Happy Jack Foundation. And Kenneth Cole is donating 100% of all proceeds from this collection to The Jack Nathan Scholarship for The Arts program, to help get art supplies into the hands of college students in need, so that they may find the same support through art expression that Jack himself did.

To learn more, follow @HappyJackWorld on Instagram