Month: May 2006

Build Your Own Blocks

We come across quite a few personalized products at CMP. Apparently if you put someone’s kid’s name on something no matter how useless or inane (monogrammed bottle sterilizer, anyone?) it’s a surefire hit.

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Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Remember when you were both younger and would go see bands play at the local club? If you’re like me, your kids came along and put an end to that. Is it really worth forking over seventy bucks for a sitter to see your nephew’s garage band fumble its way though Sweet Home Alabama?

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There’s More to These Monsters Than Meets the Eye

The deliciously cute monster tees at Dishy Duds are better defined as wearable art–each is made by hand with incredible detailing, and no two are alike. It’s a good enough reason to run out and buy a dozen right now.

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One Less Thing for Dads to Freak Out About

You know what about impending fatherhood freaks me out more than anything else? That my nice little sleek-and-minimal- with-a-side-of-organic-cotton aesthetic will be buried under the inevitable onslaught of pastel plaid ruffles and battery-powered, light-flashing, muzak-emitting "baby crack".

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Keeping Daddy as Close to Home as Possible

As a military wife, I’ve been fortunate to have avoided deployments. And while some days I wouldn’t mind if my husband took a short trip across the ocean, I imagine it really stinks for the kids.

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Say it With Your Necklace

I like to think that the jewelry I wear says a lot about who I am – stylish, funky, and a little bit crazy. However, there’s something to be said about jewelry that sends a message.Literally .

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