Month: May 2006

I Stand Here Ironing (And Looking Fabulous)

Ironing, cooking, cleaning, scrubbing: Hardly my description of a day well-spent. But we may have discovered one way to overcome your reluctance to plow through your chore list on a sunny Sunday. BlipShop, the online boutique of British mum and designer Emma Carey, has taken all the accoutrements of housework and dressed them up in fab fabrics. You’ll find oven mitts, ironing board covers, table cloths, and aprons that look good enough to wear out of the house. Let’s admit that housework stinks. But if you (or the man of the house) can look somewhat fashionable while pressing the...

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Say it With Your Necklace

I like to think that the jewelry I wear says a lot about who I am – stylish, funky, and a little bit crazy. However, there’s something to be said about jewelry that sends a message.Literally .

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Babysitter on Board

It’s hard for me to keep track of my multiple kids with their bursting-at-the-seams schedules, food allergies, bedtimes, assorted likes, dislikes and various pertinent telephone numbers–let aone for the sitter or the grandparents. From now on, I’m going to sync my sitter to my kids in style, with The Original Babysitter Board from Teacups and Tadpoles. The fact that it’swrite on/wipe off means the information can change as often asit needs to, i.e. all the time. But what really appeals to me are the individual spaces to hold information for up to four kids — which means that it’s...

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No More Fighting Over Old Tees

I found the perfect solution fighting over the old way-too-small-yet- still-kind-of-cute-and-comfy Air Force Academy shirt that my husband refuses to get rid of. Instead of allowing it collect dust in the huge box labeled "Old tees that I’m forced to save because if I throw them away we will surely get divorced," I’m sending that old thing to Nancy Dene so she can create a fabulous onesie romper out of it for my daughter. Along with various vintage t-shirts that she finds herself, Nancy creates cool outfits from your comfy vintage t-shirts. Maybe it’s that Police Concert Tour shirt...

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