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Cake Maternity’s new lingerie offerings. Just in time to help moms-to-be feel sexy on Valentine’s Day too.

Valentine’s Day is, of course, my free pass to splurge on sexy lingerie. But don’t underestimate the power of lacy cotton panties to keep you feeling flirty the other 364 days of the year. We’ve been big fans of Cake Lingerie‘s beautiful lingerie made specifically for moms-to-be, and now I’m excited about their new fashion knickers packs. It’s comfortable-yet-sexy everyday underwear that you can wear during those months when you need a little extra something to make you feel fabulous, and then, long after baby is born.       This set of four very soft, very pretty cotton panties are cut low in the...

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The Valentines gift for the romantic with a naughty streak

A little secret about me: I am a serious romantic. I’d always rather get a heartfelt card for Valentine’s Day–or any day, really–than even a box of fancy chocolates or some sexy lingerie. But if you’re looking for a cool Valentine’s gift for a special lady that offers two out of three, you’ll find it with the clever, brand new, Hidden Love Letter Panties from lingerie company Naja. You specify some sweet (or racy) words of love, and provided your special message is 35 characters or less, they’ll print the note on the inside of a pair of navy or red-hot red panties. And...

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Slip happens.

Okay, I know it isn’t 1984 and Madonna isn’t the world’s biggest style icon, but I must confess that I’ve started showing my bra straps again. And not in the “I-have-a-baby-feeding-from-my-boobs” kinda way. And here I must confess that our staff is entirely split on this premise, and some feel that perhaps bras still should actually remain undergarments that actually go…you know, under a garment. However if you know you’re going to have bras peeping out of your tanks or sundresses (whether you mean to or not), consider the gorgeously colorful Matchy Matchy bra straps as a way to do it with a little more...

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Hotmilk sexy nursing bras. Oh yes they are. And so are you.

So let’s talk sexy nursing bras. Because Mama, you’ve done an amazing job growing a beautiful, perfect little baby inside of you for the last nine months. Then you rocked that delivery, bringing him or her into this world. And now you’re spending your days snuggling and loving on that baby while you nurse. But I also know that feeding a baby all the time is no easy task, and can make some of us feel more like the chuck wagon than a gorgeous, confident woman. Which is why the new line of sexy nursing bras from  CMP favorite Hotmilk could be a fun...

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Super cool last minute Valentine’s gift ideas you can still get delivered in time. Because IOUs aren’t sexy.

Let’s not call us procrastinators. Let’s just say…we’re busy. Because we are. So we get it.  if you’re still looking for a last  minute Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone, here are a few ideas that go a little further than a hastily scribbled, wrinkled card that was the second to last one left on the shelf. Candygram from Sugarfina I am in love with this Beverly Hills confectionary which isn’t as big on the fancy gourmet truffles as they are on kitchy, playful ways of repackaging childhood favorites as in a Sweetheart Bento Box, a Pucker Up...

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Sexy maternity lingerie for Valentine’s Day: Yes, you can go there. And you should.

Sexy maternity lingerie when you’re pregnant or nursing? I’m on board! When I was pregnant and nursing, I always felt a little bummed about Valentine’s Day; it was hard for me to feel really attractive when I ballooned up to the size of a Smart Car or was leaking breast milk. So I’m super excited for my new-mama friends who get to buy from lingerie designers who are making women feel sexy in beautiful, sweet and even a little racy maternity lingerie like the ones here. The maternity bra-and-panty sets from You! Lingerie (at top) are super hot — and affordable....

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True & Co: Bra shopping just got more amazing than ever. Because you don’t have to go.

The idea of a service that let’s you order bras online with “virtual” fitters–well, call me a skeptic. A big skeptic. Until I found this brilliant (seriously) service that…wow. This is not like any online bra shop I’ve ever seen. True & Co is like having a personal lingerie shopper at your service, without the indignity of her feeling you up in the fluorescent-lit dressing room. You just answer a few very specific, multiple choice questions about the fit of your bra: Things like how the bra straps fit, the shape of your breasts, which hook on your bra...

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Maternity loungewear for the first, third, and fifth trimesters

I admit that a few kids ago, I’d probably roll my eyes a bit at the idea of maternity loungewear. But after seeing the gorgeous dresses from one of our favorite brands, Belabumbum, I’m almost wishing I had a real excuse to wear them. They’re so amazing that whether you’re in your 1st, 3rd, or 5th trimester (or 15th? Ahem), they look and feel fabulous. [don’t miss a great giveaway after the jump!] To me, the standout in their newest line is the beautiful reversible maternity dress that’s incredibly soft and comfortable. The crossover neck gives you easy nursing access, and...

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The camisole that will make you look for a reason to wear a camisole

I’ve always traveled with a camisole just in case…to me, it’s one of those staples that you never know when you’ll need. Like under a white tee that’s a little sheerer than you realized. Or to tuck into your jeans under a top when uh…said jeans are exposing more than the maximum allowable mama butt. (Yes, that’s a thing.) Now there’s a camisole that’s so comfy, I’m kind of looking for excuses to wear it. I don’t tend to be too hooked by lines like “celebrities love them!” but as it turns out, Snug Camisoles are terrific, so, yeah....

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Who says pregnancy can’t be sexy?

At 38 weeks pregnant, I can honestly say I feel about as unsexy as a sack of potatoes. But just like putting a smile on your face is supposed to make you feel happier, wearing sexy lingerie should do the same thing, right? That was my mindset when I tried on a set of aggressively saucy purple and black lace lingerie. We’ve all heard the term “hot mama” before, but You! Lingerie, a collection of nursing bras and maternity lingerie is taking the yummy mummy look to extremes. The Azalea Orchid (pictured), the set I was sent, is a...

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