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Modern baby quilts that don’t look like they came from your grandma’s attic

I’ve said before that a quilt is the perfect baby gift. That said, all families are different and all blankets are not created equal. That sweet pastel quilt you fell hard for might not work for your funkier friends–you know, the ones who actually dare to keep all their restored mid-century furniture with children. (At least for now.) Enter the gorgeous  handmade modern baby quilts from Nashville-based Twiggy and Opal, which I’m betting will be a hit with the mod crowd. Shop owner Jayne Willis makes every piece by hand, letting her instinct guide her style decisions as her inspiration pours in from her own children. At first glance...

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Gorgeous organic baby blankets that are more cool than crunchy

Never underestimate the investment in a good blankie. I am a grown woman who still sleeps with one every night, even though I have to endure from my husband’s endless teasing. And the organic baby blankets from the aptly named Organic Quilt Company can get new babies started off on the right foot with some amazingly gorgeous  options. From modern and simple to bohemian and sweet, each design from this Montreal-based company features warm, rich colors and whimsical patterns that suit nearly any taste. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, no worries: you can request a custom design....

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Gender neutral crib bedding ideas? Reader Q + A

Hi Cool Mom Picks! I’m looking for some cute gender neutral crib bedding ideas for my surprise baby who will be here soon. I like modern design and bold patterns but I’m open to other ideas. Can you help? Thanks, Julie   First of all, congrats Julie! And yes we can definitely help in the gender neutral crib bedding department. Here are just a few ideas I love right now–modern, playful, and 100% pastel-free in a variety of color ranges that work for any kid at all.  Hope one is just right for you and your style. 1.YELLOW CRIB...

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Modern nursery decor to welcome babies, without a princess crown or a train in sight.

It’s been a while since I found handmade modern nursery decor and crib bedding that made me yearn (almost) for an opportunity to redecorate a nursery, and I’ve definitely found it with the Ivie Baby Etsy Shop. You can choose from tons of modern designs. I think what I like best is how they’re all gender-neutral and free from baby room clichés; no ballerinas, no airplanes, no bunny rabbits. Those graphic grey and white crib sheets or lime green pillows are perfect for any baby who gets to spend those early months amidst a modern nursery — and are...

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Sweet dreams are made of these: handmade summer quilts

Oh, hello there, Summer! Long time no see. The weather is warmer, the kids are sweatier, and it’s time to pull out the summertime linens. Or, um, it might be that time if I were the kind of person who’s organized enough to have summer linens. And if I were? Well, CMP fave OM Home would be making an appearance on every bed in my house. Serious loveliness. And a special discount for CMP readers! {Don’t miss the exclusive 20% off CMP sale code after the jump!} OM Home has expanded its line of amazing crib-sized Handmade Kantha Quilts to include twin, queen...

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A new baby blanket with a vintage feel

My sister-in-law is about to give birth to my new niece or nephew in just a couple of weeks. Here’s the problem: she’s a new mom and an event planner. So I’m glad to find her one baby gift that I know she doesn’t already have–and will actually appreciate. (No easy task!)         Little Auggie, one of our new favorite online shops, has just the answer in these beautiful baby quilts with a luscious new muted color palette to choose from. Little Auggie’s blankets look delicate, but they are machine washable which makes life as a new parent...

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Handmade quilts for some very lucky babies

Nothing finishes off a nursery like a beautiful handmade quilt. A mix of modern and handmade can create a stunning element of decor, especially in a child’s space, but there’s no reason artfully crafted baby quilts can’t be put to use as real blankets too, when they’re made as well as these are. These breathtaking handmade baby quilts by Painted & Patched are each unique, original work of art. Made from the finest fabrics in England today plus hand-dyed silks, soft eco cottons and peace silks, each quilt is made look better and better over time. All of Painted...

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Gorgeous quilts that look great beyond the nursery

One of my most favorite items is a quilt made by my great-grandmother, handed down to me by my grandmother. There is something so special and meaningful about a handmade quilt, although quilting for most people seems like a talent reserved for other people. I feel like every nursery should have a pretty quilt on hand. Barbara Perrino of BPerrino Quilts creates modern baby quilts at a price worth celebrating. All of her lovely quilts and quilted pillow covers are designed, cut and pieced one at a time. You can use these quilts as extra bedding or to just...

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Quilts go cosmopolitan

Ever look down from an airplane at the panorama below and consider how very much the ground looks like a crazy quilt? Us, too. That’s just one reason we’re smitten with how these stylish quilts that gorgeous capture the cities and places we love. Haptic Lab designs handmade luxury quilts that represent someone’s unique place in the world through the sense of touch. Each quilt is made of handstitched 100% natural cotton in a cooperative effort between designers in Brooklyn and certified fair trade labor partners in India. White quilts like the one above are so subtle–at first they look...

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Turning baby clothes into a quilt. Or better, having someone talented do it for you.

If you’re like me, then you’ve got a couple of boxes in the attic with a few of each of your kids’ baby clothes. Every now and then I wonder what exactly I’m going to do with them when I pull them out in ten years and they’re all dusty and mildewy. I’ve always liked the idea of keepsake baby quilts made from baby clothes, but so few actually look as gorgeous as these. Each Keepsake Quilt is handmade by mom Lucinda Snyder, who works with you to create a beautiful 30 x 30 blanket made from 12 to...

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