Kristen: The blanket we have from Ellabalou is a favorite of both my children. In fact, I should probably grab a second one and make my life incredibly easier.

Liz: Hooray for Martha of Blankets by Martha, who makes funky lovies with ribbon tags all over them that babies love–all handmade in the US from non-crappy fabrics.


Kristen: The collection sets by Goober Baby are smart and gorgeous. If only I had owned one when my babies were still babies.

Liz: The plush pad from Ah Goo Baby is simply luxurious. (I mean memory foam? Wow.) The perfect first-time mom gift.


Kristen: The dribblers by Resa Design are the perfect size to catch drool but not totally cover your baby’s outfit. Although, they are cute enough that I wouldn’t even mind if they did.

Liz: As much as I love our “designer” bibs, the ample and organic OopC bib is the first one I grab for my baby who seems to get the apricots everywhere but in her mouth.


Kristen: My son lived in my Rockin’ Baby sling for the first six months of his life. The zipper adjustment system is brilliant as is the sizing–it’s nice being considered a small-medium just after having a baby.

Liz: I admire the cojones of two moms who said, “Hey, let’s invent a $180 baby carrier”–and then succeeded. PortaMEe gets two thumbs up from me, but two thumbs down from my chiropractor since I don’t need him any more.

We saw our share of blankets and accessories, plus slings and carriers this year and they’re all terrific.