Danielle asked us on Twitter for the best birthday gift ideas for a 5 year old boy, since her son is about to hit the big number five. She says he likes “things that go” but already has 400 cars. He also likes art projects and writing notes.



We have some great ideas for you, Danielle! I have an almost-six year old son, so I am excited to answer your question about good gift ideas for your little guy. It sounds like he has more than enough vehicles already, so I’ll try to stick to gifts that don’t involve little tiny wheels.

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Best gifts for 5 year olds: Eye Can Art book in a box kit
Since he likes both art projects and writing notes, why not let him become a little author at the ripe old age of five? The Book-in-a-Box Kit from Eye Can Art has everything he needs in one place, and in the end you get a fabulous keepsake.
Eco Dough non-toxic dough for kids | best gifts for 5 year olds

I also love gifting new art supplies like the all-natural eco dough from eco-kids every year since markers, paints and even crayons get kind of run down and beat up after a year.


Fortamajig Kids indoor tent | great birthday gift
The Fortamajig is a very cool way for kids to set up a little hideaway no matter where they are. Made of super-strong material, the velcro straps make it easy to set up a fort outside or indoors. My nephew loves his portable secret hideaway and his mom loves that it all folds up to take up almost no space at all when it’s not in use.
Kids cardboard castle | great gifts for 5 year olds
We recently featured this amazing cardboard castle and now there’s a similar one (shown here) from Fat Brain Toys and I can see my son going bananas for it. He’d spend hours decorating it and then lording over it as a king should. Since it’s cardboard it could even go outside provided it comes indoors at the end of playtime. And when he’s grown too big for his quarters, the whole thing is recyclable, another feature I love.
Mini Micro scooter for kids
The next couple of ideas have wheels, but at least they are ones your son can ride. I adore our Mini Kick scooter from Micro Kickboard which both of my younger kids ride almost daily. It is super light-weight, turns on a dime and rides nicely over less-than-smooth sidewalks.
Trek bike for kids: best birthday gifts for 5 year olds

If he doesn’t yet have a two-wheel bike, it makes a great 5-year-old gift, especially if grandparents are looking for one big “wow” gift. My son is riding a Trek bike that has been passed down by his two older sisters, and it was definitely money well spent. The Jet 16 is shown here.


Great gifts for 5 year olds: Handmade Montessouri discovery tote for travel
Finally, Helicopter Studio’s Discovery Tote is a great toy especially if your son will be on the go a lot this year. Throw in a few army men figurines or some of those little cars he has, and he has an imaginative playscape. If you have a specific theme in mind, email artist Shannon directly and she can help put together exactly what you need.

Hope he has a great birthday and hope these ideas help!

[top photo: #5 candle from Modern Lola]