Of course you can always give a new iPad or a MP3 player to a cool dad. But we’re excited by these tech-inspired Father’s Day gifts that are a little off the beaten path.

While of course the handmade card from the kids, or the breakfast in bed will be the thing any cool dad will treasure most, if the dads on your list are anything like the dads on ours, they won’t say no to a little high-tech awesomeness.

For swanky dads, the QR Code Cufflinks (at top) can spell out I Love You, or customize your own message. It might just inspire him to buy some more French Cuff shirts. ($110 at Blend Creations; get 15% off with code COOLMOMTECH)

Father's Day gift: binary code DAD tee

If he’s less the French Cuff Guy and more the Weekend Warrior in a T-shirt with a PDA on His Belt Buckle Guy, this is no ordinary Dad t-shirt–it actually spells DAD in binary code ($16.99 at think geek)

HP External Media Drive

If he amasses photos of the kids, like so many dad we knows, consider an external media drive like this one from HP, to store them all. After all, you can never have too many baby photos–at least when it’s your own baby. ($67.99 from HP)

custom iPhone case

Have a custom bamboo iPhone 4 case engraved with a favorite image. Anything from a silhouette of the kids, to a favorite team logo. ($99 from Grove) Also see our Custom Gifts for Father’s Day ideas for custom photo cases for all kinds of gadgets.

spy cam pen

Appeal to his inner James Bond (or Dwight Schrute?) with this awesome Spy Cam Pen. It takes full-color video and sound, which is then downloaded to the hidden 4G flash drive. Not that he’ll use it to spy on you, or anything. ($49.99 from Discovery)

herringbone iPad case

Ooh, how dapper is this handmade herringbone iPad case? It can also be made to fit a Kindle, depending on his most precious tablet-shaped possession. ($24.99 from Bertie’s Closet)

Logitech Harmony Remote

Nothing says, “you deserve a little time in front of the TV” like a really good Universal Remote. The Harmony One Advanced with LCD screen from Logitech is amaaaazing. ($146 down from $249 at our affiliate amazon)


binary watch

If he still uses a watch to tell time instead of his smartphone, we love this 4-Bit Binary watch which is clever–but still looks stylish and not gimmicky. ($79.99 at think geek)

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