As it turns out, the hottest gift this holiday season might actually be a goat. And her name is Stella.

Don’t worry–she’s not coming to live with you. But she can do a world of good for a family in need.

We’re already excited about FashionABLE’s third birthday–and the 30% off sale on their gorgeous scarves–because we love initiatives that help families break out of extreme poverty. In fact, one of our favorite scarves was even designed with the help of And now that Heifer International is partnering with ONE as well, we’re happy to get the word out too.

Their goal is clear: to donate as many limited edition ONE goats from Heifer International to Africa as possible between now and December 3.

A limited edition goat? Yep. The mascot’s name is Stella, and she apparently rocks Pinterest in addition to helping people.

One goat can provide a literal ton of milk to a family in need over the course of a year, a boost that can immeasurably improve their access to shelter, food, education, and savings. You’re pretty much giving them a growable small business. On the ONE Goat site, you can donate an entire goat for $120 or buy shares in a goat for $10 each. Which is why holiday gifts from Heifer have been one of our recommendations year after year.

What a great gift for the mother-in-law who has everything. Or that preschool teacher who already has a billion apple mugs. –Delilah

Donate a goat (or portions thereof) at the ONE Goat site. Find out more about Heifer International here.