When my first son was just a baby, the chemicals that I learned were in most baby shampoos and bath soaps scared me, honestly. Even when I looked through the non-toxic shampoos for babies at our grocery, I wasn’t sure which ones I could trust. New moms have so much to worry about already–I wasn’t expecting bath time to be stressful, too.

Fortunately there are now so many great non-toxic shampoo options for kids and babies, and they’re getting even more readily available and more affordable so that more parents have access to them. These are six of my very favorites.


Babo Botanicals 3-in-1 Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath, and Wash
The shampoos and leave-in conditioner from Babo Botanicals was called the all-time favorite of our associate editor Delilah. Every time she runs out of their spray-in detangler, she heads straight to the store for more. It’s that amazing. Plus I love this lavender-scented, calming wash for my babies right before bedtime.

Non-toxic shampoo for kids - mum bub by Aden + Anais | Cool Mom Picks

Aden + Anais’s Mum + Bub hair and body wash ($15.95)
You may not know that Aden + Anais, the baby swaddler folks, also make a line of mum + bub skincare products that’s free of sulfates, DEA, betane, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes, harsh chemicals, gluten, and soy…which covers pretty much any ingredient a parent ever worries about. This hair and body wash creates a nice lather and the scent of sandalwood is nice, although be warned: it’s not subtle.

Non-toxic Conditioning Shampoo for babies and kids by Fairy Tales | Cool Mom Picks
Fairy Tales Conditioning Shampoo ($8.95)
We love the entire Fairy Tales line of hair products for kids. This shampoo isn’t too heavy for fine hair, and it’s free of soy, gluten, dairy, parabens, and nut oils. All that, and it’s tear-free too. And hey, it smells nice. Also try Fairy Tales Curly Q for gorgeous ringlets, especially in summer when kids can head out with wet hair.


Dolphin Organics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash ($11.49)
This shampoo/body wash hybrid is made from 100% certified natural and organic ingredients, which we love. Aloe leaf means it won’t strip the natural oils from your baby’s hair, keeping it soft and sweet. And our kids love the way this fills their bathwater with big, foamy bubbles. Bath time is automatically more fun, and I don’t worry about them getting any of it in their mouths.


Non-toxic shampoo for kids: Peaceful Bubbles by Episencials | Cool Mom Picks
Episencial’s Peaceful Bubbles Shampoo and Body Wash ($9.99)
It’s not just the calming lavender plum scent that will relax both you and child before your bedtime routine; this soothing bath wash is actually designed to calm and restores your child’s skin, boosting skin health and immunity–and hey, if that works, we’re all for it. Anything to keep our kids sleeping soundly right?

The Honest Company’s Shampoo + Body Wash ($9.95)
This shampoo (also at very top) is fantastic because it’s gentle enough for babies with eczema or cradle cap, but it’s also safe for mom’s color treated hair. I love the simplicity of one bottle, head to toe, for the whole family. It’s naturally non-toxic, biodegradable, vegan, and hypoallergenic. We love everything about Honest because…yeah. They are honest. How refreshing.

For even more cool hair care for your kids, read about our favorite hair products for summer. You know, since it’s almost swim-team time.

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