RJ Palacio’s Wonder is one of those rare books that simply stays with you for a long time. At least for me and for my daughters, who often bring up this phenomenal YA novel in the course of everyday conversation, and refer back to it  when we have those hard talks about injustice or social dynamics or the politics of friendship. So when I saw our friends at Litographs had added a new Wonder tee to their collection of graphic tees all designed from the words of novels, I knew I had a new favorite.

Big news all around for Litographs t-shirt fans: The tees are now available in more tapered women’s styles, which means I could potentially get a Women’s Small for my girls, even if they just wear it to bed as a nightshirt. It comes in a few different colors, but I prefer the light blue that best mimics the book cover.

My eight year old just saw the Wonder tee over my shoulder and said (and I quote), Mom! If I could get that shirt I would so get it. It is so cool!

Strong praise.

Visit Litographs where you’ll find lots of cool new styles of book tees both new and classic, including a whole new line of women’s t-shirt styles.Check out titles from Hamlet (perfect for Halloween) to The Last Unicorn (perfect for walking around ironically hip neighborhoods). And don’t miss their totes, posters and temporary tattoos