On this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we were determined to help you with those hard-to-shop-for adults on your list, so we’re giving out tips and dishing our our own favorite gifts from our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Plus, we have a good laugh about the weird things that get us parents excited, like a Roomba, our super popular mashed potatoes in a slow cooker post, and… well, you’ll just have to listen to see what gives us the thrills these days.


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Links from SPAWNED Episode 25

How to cook mashed potatoes in a slow-cooker. (What!?)

– Liz’s holiday dinner short-cut.

– We share plenty of holiday cookie recipes this time of year.

Gifts we want to get ourselves; that live-in housekeeper, right?

Creative stocking-stuffer gifts for kids. Safety scissors + Scotch tape, anyone?

– We love shopping for kids, wow, gifts for adults can be tough to find. That’s why our holiday gift guide has categories like mother-in-law gifts and gifts for sentimental grandparents. And oh, like 17 others!

Mix and Match Friends earrings

– We personally love our 90s pop culture gifts category, because, c’mon, Friends earrings, a “Whatever” necklace, and a Lauryn Hill necklace can all take up residence on our jewelry box.

– Seriously cool holiday gifts for adults under $15, such as adorable Paris notebooks, or ornaments from the Boozy Christmas shop.

– For the craftier people, we’ve got an entire easy DIY gifts category (these projects are truly “easy”) We adore the homemade cookie butter tutorial from A Beautiful Mess and the Kawaii cup and saucer tea party set tutorial from Small to Big.

He sees you when you're drinking ornament

– Funny gifts can really hit the mark, if your recipient has a sense of humor, that is. We did a whole funny holiday hostess gift category to hit some of those rather silly –but definitely fun– present ideas, like a “He sees you when you’re drinking” ornament, or a “Hot Mess” handkerchief set (both of which we just discovered are sold-out, unfortunately).

– Charitable donations make fabulous gifts for people who otherwise have everything or say they don’t want anything. Our favorites include Baby Buggy, Postpartum Progress, Friends of MaddieFrench Red Cross, and Nature Conservancy. But you can’t go wrong donating to (mostly!) any cause close to your heart. Did you know you can adopt a narwhal? Check out our Kawaii gifts section for details. And a photo session with the grandparents makes a terrific gift, as we mention in our gifts for sentimental grandparents gift guide category.

– Food gifts are so delicious, especially because they are typically things the recipient wouldn’t buy for himself or herself, like the “Santa’s Secret Stash” holiday gift stocking we collaborated on with indie food shop Mouth, included in our hostess gift ideas, or the Vosges holiday truffle collection in our cool mother-in-law gifts section. Plus, don’t miss our Cool Mom Eats Holiday Gift Guide, which has plenty of food-related gift ideas.

Handmade leather feather earrings | Edge of Urge

Liz’s favorite gifts from the Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade leather feather earrings from the holiday gifts for adults under $15 category, as well as the Orla Kiely notecard set from the same category. She adores selecting holiday gifts for men. Last year’s “Gifts for the Guy Who Makes Fun of Hipsters but Secretly Covets All Their Cool Stuff” was an all-time favorite list. This year, we feature things like a Ralph Lauren beanie, gentlemen’s truffles, and a trip to Cuba with the Beekman Boys. Another fav in the mother-in-law gift category is FashionABLE’s leather cross-body tote; we love supporting other women!

Make your own Zima

Kristen’s favorite gifts from the Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide: The Star Wars gifts, naturally, and also the millenial gifts, like 90210 candy or Spice Girls platforms. But of course her favorite thing ever from the 90’s nostalgia category is the Make-your-own-Zima recipe. And of course, we can’t forget the Ryan Gosling coloring book, in our coolest gifts for women category.


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