Fisher-Price is of course the brand behind many of our favorite childhood toys like that now iconic telephone and the little gumball machine looking push-toy. So their big announcement this week that Jonathan Adler — yes, that Jonathan Adler — has signed on as their new creative director in charge of baby and children’s items is huge news for those of us fans of his modern, clever design work. And those of us fans of modern, clever children’s gifts and gear that won’t break the bank.

It’s not a totally shocking move for him considering he’s got a nice baby gift collection that always makes it into our baby shower gift guide, and has collaborated on baby items like Skip*Hop diaper bags.

Adler’s vision will come to life starting in the fall, with a line of Fisher-Price baby gear, newborn toys, crib bedding, nursing decor and infant apparel all with the modern sensibility we’d expect. Like this beautiful bouncer. Where was this when I was sheepishly purchasing some day-glo aquarium themed F-P bouncer because it was the most tasteful of the bunch?

Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price: A new line of modern gorgeous baby gear coming in the fall!


Until then, you can check out the brand new line of Fisher-Price wooden baby toys exclusively for Target. And although Jonathan Adler did not collaborate on these, you can get a sense of the completely new design direction that the brand seems to be taking, and we think it will thrill parents and registry shoppers everywhere. Take a peek!

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Fisher Price wooden toys: Humpback Whale Shape Sorter

Fisher Price wooden toys: Percussion toy airplane

Fisher Price wooden toys: The Sea Party Octopus

Fisher Price toys: wooden Shape-imals are adorable baby toys!


wooden toys for Fisher Price - the sweet sounds ice cream truck is a new take on a xylophone

Of course the products aren’t 100% wooden, and we don’t imagine they’re sustainably made products like Tegu blocks or Plan Toys. However they are fairly affordable, starting at $7.99 and topping out under $30. And even a move to mostly wooden is a great one, not just aesthetically and environmentally, but for parents who would like their baby’s toys to actually last.

The line at Target includes 6 very cute Shape-imals (at very top) which I imagine would end up in my girls’ dollhouse long after their toddler days. Perfect little affordable registry gift add-on.

For bigger gifts, you’ll a humpback whale shape sorter; a fabulous purple Sea Party Octopus to help develop hand-eye coordination; a fantastic beechwood plane that’s really a percussion set; a the baby shape set (probably the most traditional looking of the lot), which blends color, shape and texture; and one seriously cool xylophone in the form of a Sweet Sounds ice cream truck.

Though whether the sound of your baby banging on a xylophone is “sweet” — well, I’ll leave that to you.

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Fisher Price wooden junior barista set. Awesome baby gift!

Fisher Price: Wooden barista playset. Ha!

My favorite of all though, has to be the Fisher-Price wooden barista coffee playset. Because, of course! I mean, do kids even know what to do with a traditional tea set anymore? We might as well give them landline phone toys.

Just know that a hipster hat and Macbook are not included with purchase.


Find the complete line of Fisher-Price wooden toys exclusively at Target. We’ll keep our eyes out for the Jonathan Adler collection of baby gear and toddler gifts which is slated to launch in the fall.

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