I’m a long-time contact wearer here, especially in those glasses break now and then moments (or when a style moment hits hard). And as much as my optometrist has tried to get me to try daily wear contacts because they’re waaaay better for my eyeballs, they dry out by mid-afternoon. No, thanks.

And so, I’ve stuck with the ones I take out at night, wear for a couple of weeks (or um, months, shhhh), and pay a pretty penny for. That is, until Hubble send me a pack of their daily wear contacts a try.

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Hubble offers daily wear contacts sent to your door every month for half the price (if you order them on a subscription basis), and that’s pretty much it. No bells and whistles, which is probably why they can keep the costs down.

I was pretty skeptical about them at first, and to be honest, I put off trying them for awhile because I don’t like to mess with my eyeballs. But I did, and well, I’m glad. Just last week, I ordered more on my own dime because I love them so much.

These are the only daily wear lenses I’ve tried that don’t dry out in my eyes, which I can’t say will be the case for everyone, but it certainly is for me (and I’ve tried a few different mainstream brands). And the price is definitely right, as is the convenience, since I’m the kind of person who runs out of contacts before reordering them like 100% of the time.

What I really like is that you can enter your prescription yourself (rather than having to get your doctor to do it), which they will then confirm with your optometrist. If it’s a go, you’ll get an email confirmation, and your lenses will arrive soon thereafter. And if you need an appointment, they’ll easily help you do it through their website.

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Of course, I have to acknowledge that daily wear lenses does mean more waste when it comes to packaging, but you can recycle the boxes, as well as the plastic containers, something I actually didn’t realize until I read it on the instructions that come in the packet.

If you’re trying to save some coin, contact-wearing friends, I’d definitely give these folks a whirl. They even give you your first month free (you pay shipping, but it’s $3), so you really have nothing to lose.

Editor’s Note, updated 4/6/18: After getting so many comments about Hubble’s cancellation policy, we reached out to them on Twitter and this is what they shared: Our cancellation process is very easy, our customers can cancel their subscription by calling us at 1-844-334-1640 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM EST Monday – Friday excluding holidays. They can also email us at help@hubblecontacts.com for further assistance.

Editor’s Note, updated 12/24/18: After my eye doctor recommended multifocal lenses, I cancelled my Hubble subscription. I called, cancelled, and received a confirmation via email. I have not been charged, nor have I received any orders since I called and cancelled.

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