Since old fashioned pen to paper is usually the required form of communication at camps, cool sleepaway camp postcards make it easy! They keep writing short and sweet, don’t require envelopes, and if you give your kid a set all stamped and ready to go, the odds are in your favor to receive some updates and maybe even a few I miss you‘s

Even from kids who prefer to communicate in emojis.

So grab one of these 5 cool sets we found and mail them to your camper in a care package, or send them off in that trunk ready for sending the moment you leave them to their counselors. Okay, maybe the next day. Maybe.

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Cool sleepaway camp postcards: Retro Summer Camp Postcard Set by Jack and Ella Paper

Retro Summer Sleepaway Camp Postcard Set (Jack and Ella Paper)
School your tweens on the quintessential summer camp song from the 60s with these cards so retro, they’re cool again.



Cool sleepaway camp postcards: Text less. Write more. Postcard Set from Ink Meets Paper

Text Less Sleepaway Camp Postcard Set (Ink Meets Paper)
These cool postcards (also shown at very top) are so cool they just might get your teen to put pencil to paper, even after summer camp is over. Plus, savvy kids might get the gentle Hamilton reference.

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Cool sleepaway camp postcards: Greetings Postcards from JK Houghton Design

Assorted Greetings Sleepaway Camp Postcards (JK Houghton Design)
Simple and to the point, these colorful greetings postcards just need a few lines of “here’s what I’m doing today,” an address and a stamp.


Cool sleepaway camp postcards: Drawn Arrows Camp Updates Postcards from Peace, Love, and Doodles

Camp Updates Arrows Postcards (Peace, Love, and Doodles)
Cool design and right to the point. (Ha.)  I think these postcards are cool for boys or girls who prefer to stay away from the more cutesie designs.

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Cool sleepaway camp postcards: Camp Fill-in Postcards by Ohmyword

CSet of Sleepaway Camp Fill-in Postcards (Oh My Word)
For kids who prefer snark to sap, hopefully these sleepaway camp postcards make it fun enough to deign to write their parents once in a while. “ow stop bugging me, mom! “ [eyeroll]