Not that we ever need an excuse to find our kids some cool DIY Star Wars themed slime recipes. But considering Star Wars lovers everywhere — locally and in galaxies far, far away — are celebrating May the Fourth today, well, it seemed particularly appropriate.

As you know by now, today is a date that brings with it Star Wars activities, events, Star Wars cosplay, reflections from cast members, and, as evidenced by your social media feeds this morning, lots and lots of puns.

Which is another thing our little Jedis-in-training really love. Almost as much as they love slime.

Top: LEGO Star Wars Molten Lava Slime for Kids via Fun-A-Day

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DIY Star Wars slime recipes: Glow-in-the-Dark Light Saber LEGO Star Wars Slime by Little Bins for Little Hands

We featured Little Bins for Little Hands’ easy DIY Star Wars slime recipe last May the Fourth, and we’re doing it again this year because this isn’t just any slime. What you see here is glow-in-the-dark Star Wars slime, which really gives a whole new meaning to the “light side.” Ha.


DIY Star Wars slime recipes: Star Wars Slime by The Farm Girl Gabs

This DIY Star Wars slime recipe by The Farm Girl Gabs is what my designer-slime-creating daughter calls “chunky slime”: It’s filled with all kinds of galaxy-inspired goodies, like confetti and black glitter, that glob together and apart again when you play with it.

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DIY Star Wars slime recipes: LEGO Star Wars Yoda's Swamp Slime by Epic Fun for Kids
Epic Fun for Kids created an entire Star Wars scene with slime: It’s Yoda’s swamp! The slime itself is different from a lot of other slime recipes out there, too, because it bubbles and is entirely edible. Whoa. Click over to see the magic ingredients (i.e., easily buyable) it takes to make that possible.


DIY Star Wars slime: Molten Lava Slime by Fun-A-Day

I’m especially into this LEGO Star Wars molten lava slime recipe by Fun-A-Day (also at top), because my just-turned-8-year-old enlisted me to reenact this scene with him on a loop several nights ago. The recipe looks easy enough, and I know he’ll love the fiery-looking result. (It also might provide me with a temporary reprieve from being burned in lava myself.)

Also be sure to heck out our roundup of natural slime recipes, all safe and Borax free. Let’s be safe out there, Jedi mamas!