Happy first night of Passover, to our observant friends! And to the rest of you — well, here’s hoping you score a seder invite, because this is easily my favorite Jewish holiday.

While Hanukkah gets most of the attention, Passover is a beautiful time to lie back, eat a ton, enjoy a leisurely dinner with your favorite people, drink a a few glasses of wine, welcome spring, and celebrate the ideals of freedom, perseverance, new beginnings, and teaching our children well.

All good stuff, if you ask me.

We have an entireĀ Passover category on Cool Mom Eats to help you easily find recipes, but I’ve pulled a few of my own favorite posts from the archives to help you make the week a little more fun, a little more special.

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Passover Recipes from Savory to Sweet

Passover dessert recipes: Cake Bites | Tori Avey
Passover cake bites by Tori Avey

A quick guide to what goes on a seder plate
Perfect for seder newbies, kids, or anyone who needs a refresher.

5 amazing brisket recipes from Jewish food bloggers who know how it’s done
We love these bloggers, and these recipes may add a new favorite to your mealtime repertoire.

6 fabulous charoset recipes for your Passover seder
According to my kids, this is the best part of the entire meal

5 of our favorite Passover desserts to enjoy any day of the year
Featuring the flourless cake bites recipe, above. Flourless desserts aren’t just perfect for Passover week!

7 spectacular macaroon variations for Passover
Chocolate covered? Caramel dipped? Funfetti adorned? We got ’em.

How to hard boil an egg perfectly
One for the seder plate, 11 more to eat all week. Speaking of which, check out these clever recipes using hard-boiled eggs, should you want to use them up in more creative ways than just dunking them in salt.


Passover Crafts and Activities for Kids


Passover craft: DIY Passover Matzoh house on Epicuriousvia Epicurious

A DIY Passover Matzoh House craft for kids from Epicurious
Like a Gingerbread house, only Kosher for Passover. And colorful and springy!

Printable 10 plagues finger puppets
The cutest way to get kids involved and to help explain, uh… locusts.

A fun printable Haggadah made just for kids
Part craft, part journal, part Haggadah, and kids loooove it.

The Hamilton Haggadah: Brilliant way to bring more fun into your Passover Seder

The free printable Hamilton Haggadah

How does a Hebrew, poor man, son of a slave and a
Bondsman, born to nothing in aĀ 
Rigged system of ImperialĀ oppression
Fished from the Nile River
Grow up to be a prophet and a leader?

I mean, come on! Can you resist?

Chag sameach, friends!