We’re so thrilled to be entering our 14th year publishing Cool Mom Picks. We know! We can’t believe it either. Every year, we share our top 10 most visited posts on Cool Mom Picks. While our gift guides are often quite popular, these represent posts from 2019 that were seen on our site. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did writing them. And we hope you continue to visit us in 2020 for lots more helpful articles.

10. New LEGO Replay lets you donate your used bricks to kids in need. And it’s so easy!

If you’re swimming in unused LEGOs, we love that LEGO launched an easy way to donate them to kids in need. Apparently, so did you.

Chinese New Year crafts for kids: Chinese New Year easy paper pig craft at Easy, Peasy, and Fun | Chinese New Year fortune cookies at Cookies and Calligraphy

9. 7 wonderful Year of the Pig Chinese New Year crafts for kids to welcome a year of fortune, luck and prosperity.

We love that Chinese New Year crafts were so popular this past year. Heads up: It’s the year of the rat, and yes, we will have lots of crafts for that too.

8. 7 really smart decluttering habits to start now, so you don’t have to KonMari your house later

With the launch of her popular Netflix show, KonMari became a household descriptor of getting organized. We rounded up some ways to declutter now before it gets to the point where you need Marie’s intervention.

The Nike Zoom Pulse, aka the Nike Nurses' Shoe, is the first shoe they've designed specifically for healthcare workers

7. Nike nurses’ shoes honor everyday heroes working in medicine and healthcare.

It’s no surprise to us that this post featuring Nike’s new nurse’s shoes was so popular. A fashionable shoe that’s functional too? Finally!

6. 8 of the best book subscription boxes for kids of all ages, in honor of National Reading Month

Our readers (that’s you!) love books, which is why we had to celebrate National Reading Month. The idea of getting a monthly gift of books in the mail is amazing, and we were thrilled to share 8 companies offering that service.

5. We tried making Amazon returns at Kohl’s (yes, Kohl’s) and here’s how it works.

When Amazon and Kohl’s launched this service, we were skeptical. But after we gave it a try, we realized how smart and convenient it was.

The ultimate kids' wagon: The Veer Cruiser | Photo (c) Kate Etue for Cool Mom Picks

4. The absolute best wagon for families, from infant to big kid. And I’ve tried a lot of them.

This is probably the coolest wagon we’ve ever seen. And clearly, you agreed.

3. Migrant children in crisis: Know these stories. Say their names. Please, don’t turn away.

We hope this post remains as frequently visited in 2020 as it did in 2019 because this crisis is nowhere near over.

An honest review of the new Infinitely LOFT subscription service: Is this clothing rental service worth it?

2. An honest review of the new Infinitely LOFT subscription rental service. Is it for you?

We’ve seen lots of clothes rental services pop up over the last few years, but given the popularity (and affordability of LOFT) we wanted to give it a try ourselves.

1. We tried Hairstory New Wash shampoo: Here’s what we thought. 

And our most popular post of 2019: part of our Damn You Facebook Ads series where we purchase and try different products advertised on Facebook. Clearly you were as curious as we were about this product.