Let’s talk progressive 4th of July tees. We feature cool flag tees and clothing of all kinds every summer, but each year,  there are more and more of us looking to celebrate the best of what this country can be and should be.

“Freedom for all” is not an ideal we’re taking for granted this year, even as we set off fireworks or barbecue with  neighbors in our backyards.

So I sought out these inspiring, welcoming, progressive 4th of July tees for kids and adults that make a statement about the America I’m choosing to celebrate this year: The one that welcomes immigrants, values Black lives, proclaims that love is love, and knows that American diversity is our greatest strength, Because when you love something, like I love the USA, you want to make it better.

– Caroline, with Liz


– This post has been updated for 2021 –

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Progressive 4th of July tees: America Is 4th of July tee | Brave New World Etsy shop

Our friend Christine Koh, podcaster, author, and designer behind the Brave New World Etsy Shop, makes wonderful tees that support great causes. A favorite of ours: the bold “America Is…” progressive 4th of July tee, which describes so many of the beautiful things about our country and donates 20% of the profits to Americares. The tee only comes in adult sizes, but I know some intelligent, tough, inclusive, brave teens who would love rocking it, right along with their parents. You can order it in a ton of beautiful colors — including red and blue, of course.

Psst…if you don’t see your side, definitely message her through Etsy.

American the Wonderful: Progressive flag tees for 4th of July from Free to Be Kids. Comes in Spanish or English

Show your devotion to our nation’s promise with this America the Wonderful flag tee for kids — in either Spanish or English — from our friends at Free to Be Kids. They’ve always had a ton of wonderful progressive tees for 4th of July in kid sizes. Better yet, they now have lots for teens, women, and men too.

Protest is patriotic tee: Progressive July 4th t-shirts from Free to Be Kids

Also from Free to Be Kids, is this terrific raglan t-shirt reminding us that Protest is Patriotic. Because there’s still a whole lot to protest around here and you know? There always will be. The ability to do this, and speak truth to our leaders in power, is part of what makes America, America.


Progressive 4th of July tees for kids and adults: Love is love 4th of July tee | Cafe Press

Thanks for covering so many of the bases with your amazing Love is Love progressive 4th of July tee, Jen Molina-Mabe. This popular protest sign statement looks amazing as it forms the stripes of the US flag. Find this tee for kids and adults in lots of different styles at Jen’s shop at Cafe Press.

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s America belongs to all of us: Progressive 4th of July flag t-shirt honoring immigrants

The Stars and Stripes represent all of us in theory, so it’s nice to find this America belongs to all of us flag t-shirt honoring the vibrant immigrant community that makes America so special. Find it from Powerful Together on Etsy.



 Progressive 4th of July tees for kids and adults: Make American kind again 4th of July tee | Fine Art America

I love that this cool Make America Kind Again 4th of July tee at Fine Art America which speaks for a lot us parents right now. Plus I’m so charmed by the folksy, whimsical illustration style of fine artist Traci Bunkers. Thankfully, it comes in adult sizes, too — because we’re making progress on the kindness front, but we still have a lot of work to do.


Progressive July 4th tees: The Statue of Liberty tee from Yellow Dog Tees has Emma Lazarus's essential poem printed on it

Of course a progressive 4th of July tee doesn’t need to have a flag on it at all. Maybe this Statue of Liberty / Emma Lazarus Poem tee from Yellow Dog Tees is more your style. It’s sized for men, women, teens and kids in three bold colors. I don’t think we can read those words too many times, no matter what time of year it is.