Recently, I wrote about that article, the one about Instagram, teens, body image and self-esteem –– and the conversation I had about it with my 14-year-old daughter.  It generated so much great conversation on our social feeds, that Kristen and I wanted to chat more about girls and body image, and get specific about some of the things we should know as parents, and especially, what can do to help our kids become more  tech savvy, media savvy overall, and to use social media in positive ways.

(Not that that’s so easy, we get it!)

We cover having “the tech talk” early and often, talking about our overall culture and how it portrays women and girls, describing the seedy underbelly of social curation, and offer some specific conversation starters to help get a good talk going.

We think you’ll find this discussion timely, informative, and hopefully, a little cathartic. You’re not in this alone! And neither are our kids.


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Teens, Instagram, Body Image and Positivity: A smart insight from Liz's 14 year old daughter | Spawned parenting podcast


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Our Cool Picks of the Week:

Bodies are Cool is a wonderful new picture book for kids (and us!) by Tyler Feder, whose artwork you may already know and love

Liz: The picture book Bodies are Cool by Tyler Feder is wonderful — and a perfect pick for today’s topic!

Kristen: Toxic: The Brittney Spears Podcast, by hosts Tess Barker and Babs Gray, reveals a fascinating story in 10 chapters.


Spawned Extra!

Don’t miss our special SPAWNED EXTRA at the end of our episode, featuring a quick, fun interview with Christina Hovland, author of April May Fall, now available on Amazon.

April May Fall by Christina Holland is just a good, fun read (sponsor)

The book is all about a mom influencer who seems to have her entire life together on Instagram (coincidentally, ahem) but behind the scenes…things are not quite as calm and zen as it may seem. Kristen chats with Christina about the deception of white chocolate, social media pressures on moms, wellness influencers, and why “faking it until you’re making it” is basically BS.

We hope you enjoy these bite-sized interviews with terrific authors, brought to you by our sponsor Entangled Publishing.

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