This week on Spawned, I have the honor of welcoming back the wonderful Anya Kamenetz, NPR Education reporter and author, to talk about her new book, The Stolen Year: How Covid Changed Kids’ Lives…and Where We Go Now. I will tell you this: From the title alone, this is not the book you may think it is. Anya traces the history of our country’s failure to support children and families — especially mothers — and how the crisis that came about in 2020 was actually decades in the making.


Anya Kamenetz on the Spawned Podcast with Liz Gumbinner: The impact of Covid on kids and families

Note: I mentioned at the top of the show that I thought my daughter and I had Covid — irony! Also, false alarm! But I did have a cold when we spoke, so if it sounds like I’m saying “Adya” instead of “Anya,” now you know why. (D’oh.)

Take a listen right now. And see if you can catch our engineer John Bowen’s subversive dig at Twitter in the outro. Ha.

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Anya Kamenetz's new book: The Stolen Year: How Covid Changed Children's LivesThe Stolen Year: How Covid Changed Kids’ Lives…and Where We Go Now available at Amazon, and your local independent bookseller

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