11 anti-Valentine's gifts for people who aren't so into Valentine's Day

Single friends? Cynical spouses? Hallmark holiday-haters? We’ve got them all covered — with humor. And yeah, love.

Should you panic about FDA inspections during the government shutdown? Some common sense about food safety right now.

We’re not in panic mode about cut in FDA inspections — but it’s not business as usual either. These links and expert opinions will help you make better decisions at the supermarket right now. 

All the best children's books of 2018 from all the best best-of lists

Get a head start on your kids’ 2019 library list with this curation of the most lauded, most award-winning children’s books for kids of all ages.

Trending right now. As in this second.

Curb Your Screen Time Addiction: A 5 part series with simple tips that really work

Addicted or just…engaged more than you’d like? No judgments, just really helpful tips to help you find more balance.

You are listening to our podcast, right?

So much coolness. Where to start…

The importance of gratitude right now | Spawned ep 32

We both have gratitude on our minds right now. At a time that there is so much abundance -- food, gifts, parties -- and conversely, so many of us struggling with holidays in general, it's so valuable for us to slow down and consider ways to help develop more gratitude...

Hold onto your mouse ears! Disney Vans are here.

We have to say that Vans is killing it with their collaborations lately, from Van Gogh to NASA, and now Disney Vans. Now, if these are anything like their other collections we've featured, they're going to sell out pretty quickly. So, if you're shopping for a Disney...

How many times do we tell our kids, STOOOOOOP!

I have to admit, I never thought about my car's tires a whole lot. I guess your tires are the kind of thing you don't think about a lot -- until they stop working properly. In which case...yikes. So I'm truly happy to support our fantastic sponsor Michelin, on their...

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