Beyond "Oh The Places You'll Go": 8 inspirational books for grads that become keepsakes

Whether you’re feeling wildly sentimental about your babies embarking on the kindergarten journey or your grown-too-sooners headed off to college, we know the feeling all too well.

The very best end of year teacher gifts...according to actual teachers.

We asked, they answered. You might be surprised at the answers.

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Have youth sports gotten out of control? | Spawned Episode 107

Have youth sports gotten out of control? | Spawned Episode 107

With 13-year olds getting recruited to play sports in college and a New Jersey lawmaker warning parents to not get physical at youth sports for fear of jail time, we had to tackle the topic of youth sports and whether they've gotten out of control. Not to mention,...

Should you quit Facebook? Spawned Episode 106

Should you quit Facebook? Spawned Episode 106

With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and Zuckerberg testifying, we're seeing lots of talk about Facebook privacy issues these days. Especially in our Facebook feeds. Very meta! From sticking around and tightening up your security settings to hitting the road...

So much coolness. Where to start…

Porgicorns = Porgs + Unicorns. Because, of course!

We've seen purrmaids. We've seen caticorns. So of course the next logical magical creature hybrid would be a porg unicorn, right? Friends: Meet the porgicorn. The brainchild of mega Star Wars fan cum designer who goes by Leiawars at her Etsy shop, the adorable...

Where to get the new Mister Rogers stamps. Also, yay!

If you want a simple, easy way to end your week on a high note, it has to be the fact that the much-awaited Mister Rogers USPS stamps are finally here! Featuring our favorite TV neighbor, we can't think of a better person to honor than this wonderful, wonderful man...

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