free father's day card downloadNeed a couple of last-minute Father’s Day ideas to make tomorrow just a wee bit more special?  We’ve got a few ideas that won’t cost you 8 zillion dollars in overnight shipping – or even a trip to the store.

1. Designer Evie S is offering up a free Father’s Day card PDF (shown here) you can download, along with a matching homemade bbq sauce jar label. Find awesome barbecue sauce recipes on Epicurious; that bourbon sauce looks like a winner.

2. We found the free Animoto video
editing service right before Mother’s Day and it’s equally fantastic
for Father’s Day. Upload photos, add some text, pick your music and hit
send. The end result is amazing and professional – check out this
sample Animoto video and see what we mean. It’s free up to 30 seconds and if you’ve got more photos than that, go full-length for just $3.

printable Father's Day coupons from Living Locurto3. Living Locurto has designed four nicely designed printable Father’s Day coupons (shown with a matching card. It’s just $2.50 for the PDF file but that lunch date he gets with the kids will be priceless.

My husband was that annoyingly adorable new dad who emailed photos of
our daughter to anyone with a computer. He would love the Dad’s Perfect Baby iPhone App
which turns regular snapshots into campy cartoon E-cards. Wake up
early, download the app on his iPhone, and get that SuperDad image
saved as his wallpaper.

Edited to Add: Dad’s Perfect Baby iPhone App is no longer available.

5. Bookswim is like Netflix for books, and any erudite dad would love a subscription – along with some guaranteed time to actually read them.  Right now code ILikeMyDad09 gets you $10 off a $50 gift card, or $25 off $100. And it’s a great choice for eco-crusaders too.

If all else fails, there’s always someecards. And beer. –Christina and Liz