We all know that the gift of time can be the best Father’s Day gift of all–along with a handmade card, of course. If you’re looking for some family fun ideas, here are a few that can make the family the gift.

Father’s Day Room Service
Download this adorable Father’s Day printable (top), tell him to hang it on his door the night before, and then get the kids to take care of his order in the morning. Be sure to make enough for everyone–it will be more fun if you spread a picnic blanket on the bedroom floor and everyone can eat together.


Father's Day Baseball Tickets for Dad | Cool Mom Picks

Tickets to a favorite game
Major league games are a bloody fortune. Instead, consider local minor league and farm teams which could probably use your support. It can actually be more fun for a family (and less chance of your kid ending up covered in some dude’s beer).

Cooper Kid Activity Box for Dad | Cool Mom Picks

Cooper & Kid Activity Box for Dad
Also recommended in our Father’s Day gifts from the kids, this activity box is packed with enough fun stuff for a day (and more) with dad, whether the weather holds or not.  ($65, Cooper & Kid)


Waterproof picnic blanket | Cool Mom Picks

Family Picnic
It almost doesn’t matter what you eat or how fancy your picnic basket is–get everyone out of the house, bring cards or a soccer ball and don’t forget your camera. We happen to love this handmade picnic blanket which could be a great gift, and promise of future picnics.


Father's Day Movie Ticket Printables | Cool Mom Picks

Movie Night at Home
Make it a little more special with popcorn, Dad’s favorite movie theater candy (Jr. Mints? Sno-Caps?) and if you want to get really authentic, a 140-oz cup of soda. Just kidding on that one. Start with this free home movie ticket printable from Dabbles and Babbles. It might be nice to watch his own favorite childhood movie, maybe even one your kids haven’t seen yet so he can share it with them for the first time.

Paint your own superhero kit | Cool Mom Picks

Family Art Project
We’re smitten with this paint your own super hero kit at Think Geek. You’ll not only have a fun hour or so with the kids making them, he’ll have some fun little desk or nightstand toys to show for the effort.


Father's Day S'mores | Cool Mom Picks

Backyard Campout
No need to head to the mountains for a camping weekend. Pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy a little outdoor family fun with the comforts of home a few steps away. Just don’t forget the piece de resistance: The best s’mores ever. And hey, if sleeping outside doesn’t sound that appealing, try the basement or even your living room.


Take Dad out for a fun day for Father's Day | Cool Mom Picks

Mini Golf, Waterparks, or the Local Theme Park
As part of the deal, Dad gets free passes to go on whatever crazy thrill rides he wants while you have to stay back with the kids. It’s only fair, right? Also, he gets to win at mini golf. Maybe.

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