If you have a Disney crazy kid (do I need a pun in here about kids not being able to “let it go?”) you’re going to love this one: Paperless Post, our go-to site for high quality online invitations and stationery has just announced a new line of Paperless Post Disney ecards. Actually, calling them ecards almost does them a disservice; even as someone who isn’t always so keen on the licensed character stuff, I liken the whole series to beautifully designed digital stationery, right down to the typefaces.

Hey, when’s the last time you found a Whinny the Pooh or Mickey Mouse card that didn’t automatically come in comic sans?

You can use them for themed birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween parties, you name it. And wow, there’s a lot to choose from.

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New handpainted Disney invitations from Paperless Post: Great Frozen Party invitations!

Alice in Wonderland party invitations hand-painted by artists at Paperless Post

Vintage Dumbo ecard party invitations through Paperless Post

You’ll find exquisitely handpainted artwork for newer franchises like Frozen, Brave, Toy Story, Cars, Planes, and even Wreck-it Ralph; plus classics I have a heart for including the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmations, The Aristocats, every princess imaginable, and possibly my very favorite, Alice in Wonderland. And one of the coolest parts is the beautiful envelope liners which start to tell the story.

That’s the kind of detail that’s made us Paperless Post fans from the beginning. And in part what I think has helped to make sending an online invitation feel just as special as a paper version.

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Disney party e-invitations from Paperless Post: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Beautiful Disney party invitations from Paperless Post: 101 Dalmations

Wreck It Ralph party online invitations now from Paperless Post

Handpainted Frozen party invitations with matching envelopes now through Paperless Post

Muppets party online invitation on Paperless Post

Disney party invitations from Paperless Post: The Aristocats. (We love them!)

Paperless Post Vintage Disney Character invitations now available online

There are also variations on a lot of the styles so you can customize them with a child’s photo for an extra personal touch.

Paperless Post custom photo Disney invitations, now online


As for pricing, well, they’re not free despite the world expecting everything digital to be free these days. Each card costs 2 “coins” plus one more for the envelope, and a fourth for the matching liner. I buy coins in bulk for our invitations and thank you notes —  40 cost $12, and 100 cost $18 — and when you do the math, it’s nothing compared with the expense (and hassle) of shopping for real cards, ordering them, and then putting them in the mail.

I do know online invitations aren’t for everyone. But for me, they’re magical, especially when they look like this. Also, times have changed. Welcome to Tomorrowland.

Find the new Paperless Post Disney collection of online invitations at Paperless Post.