Today on Spawned, guest host Stacie Billis joins Liz for a great chat that should put all you first-time sleepaway camp parents — or future sleepaway camp parents — at ease. Well, mostly.

Tune in for tips like when to know your kid is ready for camp, how to decide if camp is right for you, a few sleepaway camp packing tips to help make things easier, what to do if your child has food allergies, care package ideas the whole bunk will love — and even tips for getting kids to write those letters they should be writing WAY WAY MORE OFTEN if you ask us!

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Links to some of the topics on this week’s episode

Essential sleepaway camp packing tips

-Above: Free printable camp postcards from Name Bubbles (which makes great camp labels)

The best safe tick repellents for kids

Sleepaway camp ideas to help kids with homesickness

Clever sleepaway camp care package ideas

– More of Liz’s favorite camp label packs

-Highly recommended:  Sawyer Fisherman’s Formula Picaridin Insect Repellent

Important tips for summer camp for kids with food allergies

The Cool Mom Eats Instagram feed, where you can follow along with Stacie’s adventures surviving camp drop-off day!

The best waterproof mascara. You may need it.


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Cool Picks of the Week

The new Dekalb Market Hall featuring Katz's deli: a must-visit in NYC for foodie fans! | cool mom picks

Stacie: The new Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn including a Katz’s deli outpost. Visit if you’re in the NYC area and bring your appetite.

Liz: The brand new board game subscription box from Hasbro to keep family game night fresh.


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