Whether you love podcasts or you’re just getting into them, we’ve got 14 Spawned episodes you need to listen to. We’re celebrating our 100th Spawned podcast episode by sharing our favorite Spawned episodes from over the years: the funny, the helpful, and the most controversial.

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Links from the show 

Turning kids into readers with LeVar Burton.  We be you’ll be as inspired as we were listening to LeVar Burton talk about his passion for reading and kids.

We’ve covered lots of organizational tips, from decluttering tips from the top organizational experts to 5 time organization tips from experts that really work.

We loved chatting with Cool Mom Eats Food-Editor-in-Chief Stacie Billis about dealing with picky eaters and just trying to feed our kids healthy foods. Don’t miss our new Recipe Rescue Facebook Group! It’s like having a bunch of food experts right in your own kitchen (and that’s a good thing).

If you’re hitting the road with your family this year, make sure to listen to the travel tips shared by Shellie Bailey-Shah from KidTripster.com.

Our discussion of Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech got us a lot of emails and tweets.

Whether you’re an introvert or not, we think you’ll enjoy the thoughtful strategies from author Morra Aarons-Mele. We learned so much from talking with her.

We heard from a lot of you that the discussion about periods with Hello Flo founder Naama Bloom was super helpful.

Funny Mother's day mug | Cool Mom Picks

And wow, so many of you shared the crazy things people have said to you as working moms after our 10 things not to say to a working mom episode.

We still laugh every time we think about our hilarious interview with Rosie Pope. You need to listen just to hear what she calls her lady parts.

You will not believe some of the products we get pitched as Mother’s Day gift ideas. Seriously insane.

If you need some binge watching suggestions, take a listen to this early Spawned episode where Liz tries to play show matchmaker for Kristen. Plus, a hilarious Cool Pick of the Week you need to hear about.

Author James Breakwell helped us prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Basically, Kristen is screwed. And don’t throw out your umbrella stroller.

Vagacials! Scalp Botox! This show where we quizzed each other about crazy beauty trends was a big hit.

Images: Brow ponytails by @MariIvani; Nose hair extensions by @gret_chen_chen, Mug via Avonnie Studio on Etsy

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