When you’ve got middle and high school aged girls who may be feeling awkward or uncomfortable in their changing bodies, getting into athletic clothes for gym or dance or after school activities that give them a little more confidence is a major major win. And just when I thought I couldn’t love Yellowberry more — you know, the company with the company that makes the bra for girls with a 7,000 person waitlist? — they just expanded their line into activewear.

They sent us a few items to check out, and let’s just say, now I’m buying more for my own kids.

[Praise hands emoji!]

The line launched with a trio what they call “buildable basics.” There’s a flip tank, leggings and an athletic hoodie, each one as soft, comfy, and thoughtfully designed as Yellowberry’s cult-favorite bras.

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Yellowberry launches athletic wear basics for girls: The best ever athletic tank!

The flip tank is probably the most essential of all the basics, because you know how hard it is to find the perfect athletic tank for girls? Oy.

It has a built-in shelf bra and really excellent coverage so it can be worn under clothes or all on its own — and that includes the white tank too. Which is really saying something.

I know it will get a ton of use.


Yellowberry launches athletic wear basics for girls: Incredible zip leggings with a hidden back pocket for a key or a bus pass

The zip leggings in black or turquoise are high-waisted, and man, on a personal level am I glad that low–rise is out because enough with the underwear sticking out. (Yeah, yeah, I’m a mom.)

What’s really cool about the leggings is the tiny, hidden zippered pouch at the back below the waist, with enough room for a key, a subway card or bus pass, or a rolled up bill or two.

POCKETS. Important.

Yellowberry launches athletic wear basics for girls: Their new adventure hoodie is amazing

The Yellowberry Adventure Hoodie is definitely a step above big brand nylon-spandex blend hoodies we’ve tried. It’s as if they spent months perfecting it, and probably did.

I really like the contoured waist that gives it a more flattering fit without the bulk, and my daughter shrieked when she saw the thumbholes at the ends of the sleeves. Don’t know why that’s a huge thing for her — not like she’s jogging in the winter — but she loves the look.

Oh, and pockets. Always pocket4s.

P.S. They do make this one for us! The XL is equivalent to an adult medium. Whoo!

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Yellowberry launches athletic wear basics for girls: A brilliantly designed hoodie, leggings, and athletic tank

If each of these basics hold up as well as Yellowberry’s bras do, and I imagine they will, you’ll be able to toss them in the wash every week for years and they’ll still look new. Which is more than I can say for the cheaper ones my girls like, but wear out quickly.

And I am tired of buying cheap stuff that I have to toss so frequently. (The downside of fast fashion, friends.)

In other words, these are not priced like the racks of Target. But the fit, the quality of the soft, comfy fabric, and the clever details are just fantastic.

Totally worth it to have girls feel confident whether they’re stretching, running, jumping, tumbling, dancing, kicking soccer balls, perfecting warrior pose, or just hanging out with friends looking for dank memes on Insta.

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