It’s our annual holiday gift guide Spawned episode, where we share some of our favorite cool picks that we think make fabulous holiday gift ideas. This year, we’re highlighting small makers, indie businesses, many of which are owned and run by women. Yay! If you need some holiday gift inspiration, listen to this episode stat. It’s like an entire Cool Picks of the Week episode, which we’ve heard from a few of you that you love.

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Top Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Some of our favorite feminist gifts 

Feminist gifts: Presidential shero calendar

This Presidential Sheroes calendar by T.L. Duryea (above), Stella and Luna lockets, The Black Feminist Authors t-shirt by Philadelphia Printworks, and more.

Some of our favorite #couplegoals gifts

Couple gifts: Mistletoe candle from Homesick candles

This Mistletoe Homesick candle, or a candle from the Harlem Candle Co. that Liz just discovered. Wee also love OneHope gift boxes, that support a fabulous cause.

Some of our favorite pop culture gifts

Fleabag gifts: Kneel pin

This Kneel pin which is the best Fleabag reference ever, a hot priest mug (also a Fleabag reference), along with lots of other Fleabag gift ideas as well as gifts for folks who love 90s pop culture and of course, Star Wars.

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Some of our favorite gifts for teens and tweens

Gifts for teens: Mochi making kit

We’ve got a ton of unique gift ideas for teens, from this Mochi Making Kit, to gender neutral cosmetics, and pretty much everything in between.

VSCO girl gifts: Billie Eilish sneakers

And don’t miss our entire category for VSCO girls, who we love by the way, which includes these killer handpainted Billie Eilish Air Force 1 sneakers, and a whole lot more. We say own it, ladies!

Some of our favorite under $15 gifts 

Gifts for kids under $15

We found a ton of gifts for kids under $15, like these awesome black super heroes mugs by TriniGee, custom super hero capes, and so much more. You’ll also find great gifts for grown-ups under $15 too.

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