50+ cool gifts for kids under $15 because breeders amirite


Each year, we spend countless hours searching for the very coolest gifts for kids under $15 because while we’d all love a pair of AirPods, we’re not all getting a pair of AirPods.

Maybe you have tons of little cousins, nieces or nephews. Maybe you have tons of friends with kids. Maybe you have lots of kids on your own. Or maybe you’re just looking for a small gift that a child can unwrap in addition to an experience gift or a donation to their college fund.

And of course, you should always visit your local boutiques, mom-and-pop shops, and local bookstores where they always have plenty of goodies for you. 

We hope you find something wonderful right here. (Psst…be sure to check our list of’ gifts under $15 for adults. You might find something great there, too.)

60+ cool gifts for kids under $15 because breeders amirite




All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff. There has been no compensation for inclusion. (We know that's rare.)

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including 50+ cool gifts for kids and teens, all under $15





Winter Wonderland Sticker + Activity Set

For the plane, the car, or quiet unplugged time.

$10, Petit Collage


Personalized Rainbow Name Crayons

Upcycled, eco-friendly and awesome

$9.20/1-5 letters boxed – $15.20/11 letters boxed, Felting Co


Soft Sloth Baseball Cap

They’ll looooove this!

Sadly this product is no longer available – but there are other fun gifts!


Candylab Food Vans

We love Candylab’s beautifully made  wooden cars and we LOVE LOVE LOVCE these new food vans!

$15.50, My Sweet Muffin


Custom Photo Memory Game

The game that becomes a keepsake.

$15+, Pinhole Press


Baby Shark Plush Puppet

Sorry for the earworm, parents

$14.88, Amazon


Knitted Sweater Skull Mug

Throw in a pack of hot chocolate or two.

$11.89 on sale, Knitted Cake for Society 6


Holiday Cookie Cards

So many cute designs for all the cousins, nieces and nephews

$5.99/ea, Cheryl’s Cookies


A Gift Card to Donors Choose

Kids love giving. Let them pick a classroom and a project that calls to them — they’ll adore it.

Any amount, Donors Choose


Classic Lite Brite

Some toys are as awesome now as when we were kids.

$14.97, Amazon (but consider adding on a refill pack)


Felt Food Milk & Cookies Playset

From one of our favorite play food makers on Etsy.

$13, The Homespun Market 


Crayola Fine Line Markers

So great, we use them too.

$12.99, Amazon


LEGO Hidden Side Kit and AR game

Okay so a little over $15, but so so cool!

$15.99, Amazon plus free app download


Rainbow Bike Wheel Lights

Safety can be cool

$15, The Container Store


The Snowy Day

If they don’t already own Ezra Jack Keats’s classic, this is the perfect opportunity

$6.14/paperback or $13.42/hardcover, Amazon


Swedish Slipper Mocs

Our kids love theirs

$11.19+ on sale, Hanna Andersson in lots of colors


She Knew She Could….Kids Bracelets

Positive thinking for rough days. 
(Kristen does work for this company, and they are just lovely.)

$12.95, She Knew She Could


Star Wars Ep IX Jannah Funko Pop

Of course any Ep IX Funko Pop will be a hit this year


Personalized Unicorn Ornament

Add a new one each year

$15, Capitol Maker


JBuddies Kids Headphones

Because we don’t all need to hear every YouTube video on repeat

$13.99, Target


Black Superhero Kids Mug

Because every kid should see themselves as Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, or Batman. 

$15, The TriniGee


Holiday Bath Bomb Trio

Making bath time more festive (and less contentious)

$11.99, Feeling Smitten


Holiday Hide n Seek Rock Painting Kit

For spreading random acts of holiday kindness

$12.99, Amazon


NHL Youth Beanies

We’re not picking favorites. (But go Flyers!)

$14.99, Target


Grl Pwr 3D iPhone Case

(item no longer available) 

Wh Rn Th Wrld?

$$10 on sale, Ilse Valfre


Compact Gaming Keyboard for PC

Makes it a little easier to watch Minecraft over their shoulders.

$13.99 on sale, Amazon


K-Socks Korean Sock Box Subscription

K-socks no longer available but many other sock subscriptions are. A new box of adorableness each month.
(Note that they’re made for feet sizes W5 and up)

$10.99/box, Cratejoy with discounts for longer subscriptions


Worry Dolls

They brought so much calm when we were kids

$6, Natural Life


Elf “Smiling’s My Favorite” T-Shirt

(item no longer available) 

So many Elf quotes, so little time to wear the t-shirts.

$12.79-15.19, Pantaloon Rebellion on Etsy


Hanukkah Tic Tac Toe Board

Playing for gelt, optional

$12, Modern Tribe


Umbro Soccer Ball

In a color that’s very hard to lose

$14.99, Target


Pop Socket Supporting Wildlife Conservation Network

There are tons of “Poptivism” options, and one will surely support their favorite case.

$15, Pop Sockets, with 50% going directly to the charity of choice


Personalized Glitter Bolt Superhero Cape

Handmade from a favorite mom-run shop at incredible prices

$14.99 on sale, Sew Plain Jane


Pictionary Air

We didn’t think they could improve on Pictionary…and then they did.

$14.99, Target


Sephora Frosted Face Mask Trio

Make every night feel like a sleepover

$15, Sephora


$7 on sale, Rebel Girls


$15.47, Amazon


Giant Printable Christmas Coloring Poster

A few designs to choose from, but we like this one which has characters from favorite Christmas movies hidden throughout.

$7 download, Caravan Shoppe

About our Sponsor


Kid loose stuff. We all do. But the Tile Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, Tile stickers, help you find lost items in seconds: A remote, your house keys, your kids’ bikes and scooters, a favorite lovey, a gamer control, your camera…you get the picture. 

Attach the tags or stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? — and use your phone to locate it by sound or see it on a map. Brilliant! And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how awesome they are.


Frozen II Elsa Funko Pop

Get it now, before they’re scalping them for a stupid sum of money

$11.99, Amazon

Use code NEW10 for 10% off your first shipment


$6.99, Amazon


$11, Leo & Lovey

Save 10% site wide with code COOLMOMPICKS19


Robot Ice Pop Mold Set

Every season is a good season for robot ice pops

$14.99, Target


Sam Saves the Night by Shari Simpson

A little dark, a lot of fun, and they will think you’re super cool for discovering it.
(Also, Shari used to write for CMP so we know how amazing she is.)

$13.38, Amazon


Star Wars Yoda Watch

(item no longer available) 

Since Baby Yoda has rekindled every kid’s love of Yoda

$14.99 on sale, Pottery Barn Kids


Children’s Oven Mitt Set

Lots of patterns to choose from. (And of course, lots of cookie recipes to choose from.)

$14.40, Minted (includes 20% discount for registering


Cat’s Ear Earmuffs

(item no longer available) 

Warm and cuddly

$14, Nordstrom


Nintendo eShop Digital Gift Cards

If they have a Switch, they’ll already know just how to spend it

$5 and up, Amazon or local shops


Spiderman PJs

For when it’s time for Friendly Neighborhood Bedtime

$15, Disney Store


Faber Castell World Colors Eco-Pencil Set

Also named on our list of top gifts for 4-year olds, but they’re fabulous for any age. 

$7.99, Amazon


Travel Magnetic Dress-Up Sets

Hours of unplugged play

$12, Petit Collage


Mini Chocolate Nutcrackers

For eating, not playing. (Or, maybe both.)

$15.95, Williams-Sonoma


Write On: My Story Journal

The perfect start for any journaler

$12.76, Amazon


Shark Socks

Remember when socks used to be an uncool gift? That’s all done now.

$10, Uncommon Goods


Robo Alive T-Rex

It chomps. It grows. It can be turned off when you prefer a quieter T-Rex play experience.

$14.99, Target


$8.98, Amazon


Handmade Rainbow Earrings

(item no longer available) 

Brightens up winter

$14, VVSGrotto on Etsy


Squishable Shark Plush

(shark no longer available but lots of other animals are)

They kind of are the squishiest. Our kids are big fans.

$14.99, Moosh-Moosh


National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Science

Maybe to go with one of those plush animals?

$9.99, Amazon


Star Wars Destiny Game: Luke Skywalker Starter Set

Be ready for all your planes, trains, automobiles, and tie-fighters

$14.99, Disney Store


Olaf Frozen 2 LEGO Set

It just makes sense.

$11.99, Amazon


Giving Bracelets

Perfect for a kid to give to all their BFFs — or for buying for a ton of cousins

$9, Natural Life


Little Big Planet 3 for PS4

One of our all-time favorite collaborative video games for the whole family.

$9.99 for a limited time, Kohl’s