90s TV pop culture gifts, because rewinding life sounds good right about now


Maybe you’re shopping for a friend with a fondness for the 90s TV shows of their childhood. Maybe you’re shopping for a teen obsessed with the with the fates of Pam and Jim. Either way, these fun 90s TV pop culture gifts let us go back to a simpler time. Or was it? 

Sure, let’s go with that. 

90s TV pop culture gifts, because rewinding life sounds good right about now




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Carlton Banks Christmas Sweater

It’s not quite an ugly Christmas sweater. I mean, it’s Carlton!

$48.95, GNODpop (Note they’re adult sizes)

Save 15% site wide with code “coolmom”


I’ll Be There For You: Life According to Friends

Proof that GenX, too, didn’t know that life was going to be this way. 

$9.37, Amazon


Golden Girls Hot Sauce

They were, and will always be, hot. 

$36, Always Fits


The Office 50 Piece Decal Set

Yes, there’s a Prison Mike in there, don’t worry.

$9.99, Amazon


Living Single T-Shirt

Also available: “In a 90s kinda world, I’m glad I got my girls.”

$24.26, PInkGreyNYC


Golden Girls Chia Pets

Two awesome 90s pop culture icons in one!

$15.97-19, Amazon

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Or should we say, how fetch they are. 

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Friends Central Perk LEGO Set

Should you have any doubt that Friends is back and it’s big. 

$59.99, LEGO Store or pay $119 on Amazon through 3rd party sellers (sigh)


Scully and Mulder Earrings

The truth is hanging on your earlobes. 

$12, Eric Etc.


Dwayne Wayne T-Shirt

Dwayne + Whitley 4Ever

$41, GNODpop

Save 15% site wide with code “coolmom”

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