Political gifts from some of our favorite shops over the years, and some new ones I just had to share

The truth is, it took me so long to get this post up this year because every day I found something new and amazing I wanted to highlight. At some point I had to just stop…and acknowledge that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cool political gifts for women.

If you can’t get them in time, find something similar from a local shop (please shop local!) or hey, give her an IOU with a donation in her name to an organization that’s important to her. For some of us, that’s all we really want or need this year.

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Where to buy Michelle Obama's VOTE necklace that we all adore

Michelle Obama’s Vote Necklace, By Shari
Because she knows that caring about voting doesn’t just happen once every four years.


Political gifts for women: Women revolutionaries tee from the Women's History Museum

Women Revolutionaries Tee, National Women’s History Museum
The best part may be the very last line


You're My Hero gift box supporting women-owned small businesses

You’re My Hero Gift Set All Supporting Women-Owned Businesses, Knack Shop
Maybe she needs to hear it. Maybe she needs to hear it again.


Chimamanda Adichie collectors edition books: Political gifts for women

Chimamanda Adichie Collectors Editions, House of Zabadi
The artwork emulates popular fabrics from Adichie’s native Nigeria,  as part of a special collection.

(Will probably arrive after Christmas but eh…one more thing to look forward to while we’re all stuck at home.)


Political gifts for women: A donation in her name to an org like Legal Momentum

A Donation in Her Name to Legal Momentum: The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund
This tribute donation supports workplace equality, pregnancy workplace rights, economic empowerment, fairness in the courts support for victims of violence or trafficking, and so much more.

Of course, there are so many worthy causes right now, particularly those supporting Covid relief, food insecurity, restaurant workers…a donation in her name to her favorite charity really may be all she needs.

Photo: lucia on Unsplash


Political gifts for women: Yosemite toy van. Or is it...yo semite

Yosemite Toy Van by Candylab, Rose & Rex
Or is it, “Yo-Semite”?
If she’s on Twitter as much as I’m on Twitter, she’ll laugh for days.


Political gifts for women: Black girl magic mug from The Trini Gee

Black Girl Magic Mug, The Trini Gee
A perfect way to start each morning.

Maybe throw in some beans-from a woman’s owned coffee roaster like Little Waves

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Tatcha Soothing Hand Cream helps her rejuvenate after a tough year, and supports girls' education: Political gifts for women

Tatcha Soothing Hand Cream, Tatcha
Help her self-pamper after all that hand-washing, sign-holding, and post-cardwriting.
Every purchase from this amazing beauty brand supports Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program

PS The Violet-C Radiance Mask may be the best I’ve ever tried.


Political gifts for women: Bracelet for a cause supporting causes from climate justice to gender equality, racial justice, reproductive freedom and more

Handmade My Issue Bracelet, Bird & Stone Jewelry
Each one supports a different cause:
Racial justice, reproductive freedom,  climate policy, refugee support, civil liberties, gender equality.


Political gifts for women: Bag Man, the new book from Rachel Maddow based on her podcast

Bag Man:The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-up, and Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House,
by Rachel Maddow
Oh, like we wouldn’t read the phone book if she claimed to have written it.
On Amazon or from your local independent bookstore.

Katie Porter's Whiteboard Energy tee or sweatshirt: Political gifts for women

Katie Porter’s Whiteboard Energy T-Shirt, Crooked Media
Always be on the right side of Katie Porter.

A United State ring by Tali Gilette: Political gifts for women

A United State Ring, Tali Gilette
If she’s been working toward a more perfect union, remind her what she’s fighting for.


A subscription to Mother Jones

A subscription to Mother Jones
Help keep independent journalism alive.


ACLU logo beanie and other political gifts for women

ACLU logo beanie, ACLU store
The entire ACLU store is filled with amazing political gifts all supporting our ongoing defense of civil liberties.


Tina Duryea's Portrait Project of Sheroes for iPhone: Political gifts for women

Sheroes Portrait Project Phone Case, (item no longer available)  TL Duryea
Inspiration for days.

For more gift ideas, see artist TL Duryea’s Sheroes Portrait collection 

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The Whole Human Mama: Planning system for busy moms in 2021, from Graeme Seabrooke

The Whole Human Mama Planner Subscription, Graeme Seabrook
If you’re shopping for a political mama, this gorgeous, comprehensive, and well-considered planning system will be delivered to her home with custom goodies from Graeme every quarter. IT’s all designed to help keep her centered, inspired, and on-track in 2021, whatever her plans and goals.

Planner is no longer available as a subscription but now you can buy a year’s worth of notebooks

Currently on sale, including a one-month free membership to the online private social support community


Cool gifts under $15: Anthony Fauci Prayer candle: the patron saint of staying home

Political Prayer Candle, The Eternal Flame
This one honoring the Patron Saint of Staying Home. Because she already has a lot of face masks, right?

Also one of our favorite 50 gifts for adults under $15


Political gifts for women: Puzzle made up of all the RBG dissents, Litographs

The Dissents of RBG Puzzle, Litographs
The entire image is made up of — you guessed it — her actual dissents

Thank Black Women sweatshirt from Philadelphia Printworks: cool gifts for political women

Thank Black Women Sweatshirt, Philadelphia Printworks
Every damn day.


Please note that there are no face masks in this guide, because wearing a mask isn’t a political statement. Even if there is a political statement written on your mask.