For the perfect gift for a man in your life, or a special dad or grandpa, a subscription gift for men can be the perfect way to show you really really get him.

Not only are subscription gifts for men available with basically every theme you can imagine—so there’s one just right for him—but they will remind him he’s loved for months, or even the entire year.

Whether he loves to grill and drink beer (like every Father’s Day greeting card seem to imply), or he prefers gardening, a great book, or just spending time with the kids, I’ve found a subscription gift for men that any special guy in your life will adore. – Kate, with Liz

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– this post has been updated for 2023 – 

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21 wildly cool subscription gifts for men of all kinds


Our favorite subscription gifts for men: 21 wonderful gift ideas that keep on giving 



Mouth Foods makes wonderful subscription box snack gifts for Father's DayA subscription gift for the man who likes his snacks…like, a lot: Snack of the Month subscription box
($54/month and up,

If a man in your life can’t get enough of pickles, cheese, jerky, hot sauce, or just trying new snacks, our friends at Mouth have the most wonderfully curated boxes around very specific preferences, making this one cool subscription box that we know a lot of men would love. Plus, they’re all from top indie brands you won’t find at the supermarket. Be sure to also search individually curated boxes like the Indie States of America snack box, above (and yes the names are all that clever).

Also, be sure to check out our post on 16 fabulous gourmet gift boxes for every kind of man, should he be partial to cookies, bourbon, fancy teas, or vegan treats.


Cool subscription gifts for men: Hops Collective craft beers subscription has lots of options, for the guy who really loves beer.A subscription gift for the man who could use a night to throw one back with the guys: Craft beer subscription box
(From $33/month, Hops Collective)

With a subscription to Hops Collective, he can choose his own favorite beverages of choice, from domestic to European, ciders to rare blends — even a mystery crate if he’s excited to try anything at all. A great subscription gift for men who are true beer snobs — and best if accompanied by some time alone with his friends.

Beard Club growth kit for men is a pampering subscription giftA subscription gift for the man who’s got a beard that could use a little help: The Beard Club subscription
(On sale for $60-125/box, The Beard Club; plus save an additional 35% off for a limited time)

Choose from a starter, advanced, or ultimate beard kit based on his own facial hair goals and needs. You can even curate a custom box with anything from beard growth oil and grooming soaps, to a beard derma roller or a PT45 beard and hair trimmer.  Each box will be delivered to his door on his own schedule, whether he needs new goodies each month or just a few times a year.

Harry's shave subscription is now on sale with the first kit just $5!If you want a more affordable option, there’s always a Harry’s Subscription Box, which is priced nicely at $13 for the starter kit–but even better, it’s currently on sale with your first box just $5. Really! Ongoing refills are $16-48 depending how many blades he uses.


The Man Box gift subscription makes the perfect gift for men who like manly stuff!A subscription gift for the man who loves all the man stuff: The Man Box
($20-24/mo, Cratejoy)

Yes, we’re fully leaning into MAN stereotypes here, but there’s a reason this box is so highly lauded by loads of picky editors like us. He’ll get an assortment of items curated around a theme like Lifestyle, Tech/Gadgets, Sports, Game Night, Grooming, and Tools. Don’t be surprised if one box includes a folding knife. Because of course folding knives.


Trade Coffee makes an great Father's Day subscription giftA subscription gift for the man who’s staying up late bingeing Netflix: Personalized coffee subscription
($6.75 and up per bag, or 120 for 6 full shipments with limited time discount, Trade Coffee)

As coffee drinkers ourselves, we’re huge fans of coffee subscription gifts for men–and women–which allow us to try some new flavors each month and possibly find a new favorite to keep in rotation. This one helps support 55 different indie roasters is personalized to his tastes, and each bag of beans is roasted fresh before delivery at a schedule he chooses.


subscription gifts for Father's Day: A coffee a month from the Daily Grind Alternatively, check out the Personalized coffee subscription box from Daily Grind This affordable service delivers a new 12oz bag of whole beans each month ranging from from an Aged Sumatra to more exotic Irish Whiskey Aged roasts. (From $17.92/ box, Cratejoy)

Father's Day gift ideas: A sustainable k-pod coffee subscription from TaystAnother coffee subscription gift idea if he’s a K-Cup user is the subscription gift box from Tayst Coffee, which is surprisingly eco-friendly! They’re dedicated to getting more homes to evolve from plastic disposable Keurig cups into 100% compostable pods. The coffees are evidently pretty great too, all sustainably grown as part of Rainforest Alliance, and freshly packed into pods and ready to drink. Besides, that generic “Donut Shop” coffee really isn’t that good.  ($24.67 month plus use the limited time 20OFF discount code for 20% off on the site.)

Cool subscription gifts for men: The super affordable Vinyl Post sends you new indie vinyl records each month.A subscription gift for the man who loves vinyl records: Vinyl Post subscription box
(Starting at $4.99month, Cratejoy)

For just $5 a month—yes, five dollars!—he can get a personalized postcard in the mail each month that doubles as a vinyl record from a new indie artist. If he owns a turntable and loves being able to drop a band name like oh, say, Yot Club into conversation, then this is a subscription gift idea that there’s no way he already has.

And hey, if you’re feeling extra generous, maybe upgrade his existing turntable to the audio-lover’s Audio Technics AT-LP7 Turntable.

 Inside the Leather's golf subscription box is a great gift for men to can't stay off the green.A subscription gift for the man who lives for golf weekends: Inside the Leather’s Golf Gear Box
($53-59/box, Cratejoy)

You know the guy who will hit the green unless there’s a blizzard out — and even then you need to suggest he reconsider? This is definitely the subscription box gift for him. He’ll get everything golf that he’ll love from excellent brands. Just make sure you know his shirt, hat, and shorts size!

Gentleman's Book Club subscription is a great gift for men who love to readA subscription gift for the man who still loves reading actual printed books: The Gentlemen’s Book Club.
($19-22/mo, Cratejoy; save 50% off 1st box of a 3+ month subscription using code: HALFOFF)

If you need a gift for man who’s an avid reader, we think he’ll enjoy this subscription, which sends him two books a month hand-picked from a genre you select:  History, Sports, How-To, and Mystery/Thriller. Lest you think it’s all Tom Clancy (not that there’s anything wrong Tom Clancy), we love the company’s description of “carefully selected books that embody the essence of masculinity, challenging stereotypes, exploring diverse perspectives, and celebrating the depth of the human experience. From award-winning novels to undiscovered gems, we strive to introduce you to literary masterpieces.”

Rad Dad subscription box: Cool gift for Father's Day especially for new dadsA subscription gift for the new dad who’s totally loving parenthood: Rad Dad subscription box
(Staring at $27.99/box, Cratejoy)

If he’s already in the running for New Dad of the Year, the Rad Dad crate is such a thoughtful gift for his first Father’s Day. It’s includes a nice mix of gifts that he can play with the baby–but I love that it’s not a baby box–and includes plenty of goodies for Dad himself. Because let’s be honest, no dad wants a rattle for his Father’s Day gift, no matter how cute it is.

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Best subscription boxes for men: Bespoke Post for Father's Day is great for picky guys who want to pick their own cool stuffA subscription gift for the man who’s super picky. : Bespoke Post high-end men’s gifts subscription box
($45/box, Bespoke Post)

A few years ago, I gave my husband a Bespoke Post subscription (also at top) for Father’s Day, and he really liked that he could log on, take a quiz, then choose his own themed box each month tailored to him. If he didn’t like the suggestion — there are others! There’s a huge range of items, from knives and cocktail kits to cooking tools, grooming gifts, audio and tech goodies, and travel accessories. And best of all, he’s not pigeonholed into any one theme.

Southern Scholar Socks: Best subscription gifts for men, and each pair donates one to a local healthcare worker A subscription gift for the man with style right down to his toes: Southern Scholar Sock Club Subscription
($20/pairmo and up)

We are such big fans of this indie company because they really send the most fabulous dress socks each month! Liz’s partner has been a subscriber for several years (thanks to her own subscription gift to him)  and loves every pair he’s received. Plus, their customer service rocks.

Best subscription gifts for men: Society Socks donate a pair for every pair he getsAlternately, check out the Society Socks subscription box, with each shipment including pairs that are a little more whimsical — think more pineapples and lions, fewer simple stripes.They also give back one pair to people in need for each one purchased.  (From $18/mo ,Society Socks)

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Cool Subscription Boxes for Men: CrateChef is curated by top chefs like this one from Chef Kenny GilbertA subscription gift for the man who loves to cook, not just eat: Crate Chef subscription box
(From $51/box, Crate Chef)

If he’s the king of the kitchen then this Crate Chef subscription is a phenomenal gift for men. Each month, he’ll receive a box curated by a top chef or notable cookbook author, with recipes, ingredients, and fun new tools that he’ll need. It’s not a meal kit delivery service (though those could be a cool gift for men as well); it’s more like a delivery service allowing him to explore new techniques and flavors in the kitchen. Above, The Chef Kenny Gilbert curated box.


Cool subscription gifts for men: Breo box is a great subscription for the tech geek in your life.A subscription gift for the man who loves trying new gadgets: Breo Box tech subscription box
(From $144/box  Breo Box)

Yes this is a splurge, but we’ve been really impressed with the quality of items in each Breo Box subscription after order them ourselves as subscription gifts for Father’s Day. While it is tech-themed, it’s not all about computers. Each box includes one big item, like a Phone Soap Pro, a Click & Grow smart garden, or Anker’s popular eufy cordless mini vac. Then he gets 4 to 7 smaller items that are really useful — a luggage scale, a cocktail shaker, a helpful little gadget to help him sit up straighter at his desk. We love that they curate items across categories like cooking, personal grooming, travel, and home care, which not only keeps things interesting, but it ups the chances that he’ll be getting gifts he doesn’t already own.

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Cool subscription gifts for men: For the guy who loves a good puzzle, an Escape the Crate escape room subscription is perfect.A subscription gift for a man who loves games and mysteries: Escape the Crate escape room subscription box
($26-30/month, Cratejoy)

If you’re shopping for a man who loves escape rooms with the kids, grandkids, or just his friends, this Escape the Crate subscription will be right up his alley. Each box includes clues to take you through an hou- long escape room-style mystery puzzle. While other similar boxes can be too easy or too “homemade” feeling, this one is fantastic and gets high marks from customers.

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Somm Select's wine tasting clubs selections are hand selected by master sommelier Ian Cauble, of Netflix's SommA gift subscription for the man who knows his Albarino from his Aligoté. Or wants to. : SommSelect Monthly Wine Club
(Starting at $99 for 4 bottles/month, Somm Select)

If he devoured the Netflix series Somm, featuring master sommelier Ian Cauble, he’ll love trying wines personally curated by Ian around themes like region and grape varietal. Gift subscriptions start with the four-bottle-a-month Explore 4, which is “for the curious connoisseur and the adventurous novice alike.” Alternately, he can build his cellar with various 6-bottle subscriptions, or try a monthly wine tasting club box (shown above) with concealed labels for “blind” tasting.” Membership comes with added benefits, like a discount on further orders, and access to exclusive content for wine lovers.

If he’s not a drinker but loves the taste? Try the non-alcoholic wines from Surely, a past sponsor who’s generously offered a 20% discount for our readers.