Summer is officially here, and for those of you who are hoping to spend most of your time around the pool or at the beach…we’ve found some of the most fashionable beach totes to elevate your summer style.

I know, you probably don’t immediately think “pool bag” or “beach tote” when it comes to chic summer accessories, but these bags are functional and look fantastic while you’re enjoying the water.

Whether you’re wanting a bag that can take you from the beach to a nearby restaurant, or one that just has a cool factor too it while biking back and forth from the pool, or one that will keep you completely organized…we’ve found them!

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10 fashionable beach totes for summer

10 fashionable beach totes we love this summer | Cool Mom Picks

Fashionable beach totes for summer: This woven bag from btb Los Angeles goes from the beach to the bar seamlessly.

This woven ombre beach tote by btb Los Angeles at Nordstrom is such a fashionable beach tote, but I love the versatility — it could easily go from the pool to a restaurant and back again. Especially if you pair it with one of these stylish swimsuit coverups I’ve been swooning over this summer.

Fashionable beach totes for summer: This chic yellow striped bag is made from sails.

This Yellow Striped Bag from long-time CMP favorite Sea Bags has a high-end preppy vibe for good reason — it’s actually made from recycled sail cloth. That means it’s not just chic for summer, it’s extremely durable for taking to the pool or beach…even if your kid “helps” you by dragging it more than carrying it. Bonus: you can throw it in the washing machine when it (inevitably) gets dirty.

Fashionable beach totes for summer: The classic Boat & Tote from LL Bean in all black.

LL Bean’s open top Boat and Tote bag, newly available in all-black, is a stylish twist on the same classic, durable tote bag that will literally last you decades. Fun fact: this bag was originally sold back in the ’40s as a way to transport blocks of ice, and the design is so solid (no pun intended) it’s stayed the same for decades. In my own experience, the durable canvas keeps water out nicely, the price is amazing at under $35 for the large version, and it’s guaranteed to let you carry up to 500 lbs — should your kids go mining for plutonium on the beach I guess.

Fashionable beach totes for summer: This metallic cooler tote is two pieces that can be used together or separate.

This metallic cooler tote by Sunnylife at Nordstrom is more than a fashionable beach tote, it’s super clever. Look closely and you’ll see it’s actually a clear plastic tote bag with a removable metallic cooler bag insert. You can use them separately or together, and the whole thing is waterproof and leak resistant. Here’s to keeping¬†your favorite pool drinks cool for up to four hours! If they last that long.

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Fashionable beach totes for summer: Bogg Bag is having its moment.

Crocs are seriously having their moment again, which makes me think this similarly styled, spendy¬†Bogg Bag¬†might be the fashionable tote choice of the year. It’s huge‚ÄĒI saw one photo featuring a toddler was sitting inside the bag! ‚ÄĒ so there’s plenty of room for all your stuff, lunch for the family, and even an insane (deflated) pool float.

(You could even carry those Balenciaga stiletto crocs inside. But don’t.)

The Bogg Bag lets you add on countless custom accessories to help you make it your own, from¬†tumbler holders to clip-on waterproof bags to¬†fun, fancy tassels. I found find pretty much anything you’d want to customize your bag¬†right on Etsy.


Fashionable beach totes for summer: Pool Vibes canvas bag is understated and simple.

If you want a cool, understated look then check this fun Pool Vibes XL canvas tote with a fantastic modern font, from the cleverly named (ha) Tote Bag Company. I like totes for travel to the beach, because it can fold flat in my luggage. And if you happen to have a spill or set it in something dirty, you can just toss it in the wash.

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Fashionable beach totes for summer: The Riley Crochet Tote by btb Los Angeles at Nordstrom

If you’re looking for a bag that can be stashed away in a tiny space, but stretched out big to carry all your stuff…then this¬†Riley Crochet Tote by btb Los Angeles is your bag. It’s the perfect fashionable, handbag-style beach tote¬†to fill with all my lotions, goggles, water bottles, and other stuff that can get wet . Yes really! The smart open-weave design allows me to toss in my wet suits to carry home at the end of the day.

Note that compared with the other options here, it’s not big enough to fit all the towels my family of 6 will need, but that’s okay! I’ve finally hit the phase where the kids can carry their own towels.


Fashionable beach totes for summer: Six Feet Please tote at btb Los Angeles

Ready to hit the beach, but not ready for strangers to set up their blankets right next to you? (As if we ever were?) Then this Six Feet Please bag, also by btb Los Angeles at Nordstrom is the perfect tote for your post-vaxx re-entry. And the extra-large interior has enough room for you to take all the sunscreen, beach towels, and beach gear you need once you get there.

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Fashionable beach titles: The Filson Dry-Roll-Top tote is completely waterproof, if you're carrying electronics or precious gear

If 100% waterproof is the number one factor in a perfect beach tote for you, definitely check out the Filson Dry Roll-Top Tote¬†spotted on Zappos. It’s a favorite for adventurers, boaters, and explorers of all kinds for years. Just roll the top (as you might have guessed), cinch the side buckle straps, and your precious iPad,¬†Canon SLR, or just your kids’ lunches are totally safe from the elements. It’s not cheap, but if you’ve got spendy stuff inside, it’s worth the investment.


Fashionable beach totes for summer: Hilarious #momlife bag at Nine 16 Tees

Okay so maybe this beach tote isn’t exactly ready for its NYC Fashion Week close-up, but the¬†#momlife beach bag from Nine 16 Tees is hilarious…and a little too true for lots of us.

Bonus Accessory…

Fashionable beach totes for summer: Small, personalized clutch-sized totes are perfect for teens who can go to the pool on their own.

If like me, you’re parenting teens who can go to the pool or beach on their own, order a set of¬†personalized zip pouches for the beach, like these fun ones from Sprinkled with Pink. Each chid can have one with their own name, which they can simply throw in the big family bag with their phone, some cash for the snack bar, and their sunscreen. No fighting over whose wayward $5 bill at the bottom of the tote belongs to which kid!

If they’re heading out alone with friends, they can easily grab their own pouch, throw their towel over their shoulder, and go. If I want to go super organized, ¬†I may even order even a few of my own to keep my own bag organized, with labels like¬†keys, $$$,¬†sunscreen, and so on.