Valentine’s gifts for best friends isn’t always something that comes top of mind. But c’mon — could we have gotten through the past couple of years without all the amazing friends in our lives? They’re the ones that support our crazy ideas, help us out when we’re locked down in Covid quarantine with the kids, and let us vent when it all is just too much.

Plus, they laugh at our jokes. Mostly.

So in addition to last year’s guide to 16 Valentine’s gifts for friends, and our recent list of cool Valentine’s Day jewelry for women that isn’t traditional, we thought we’d share a guide to 16 very special ideas for Valentine’s gifts for best friends. Or, call them Galentine’s Day gifts, all you Leslie Knope fans.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your bestie know just how much they are loved all year long; Valentine’s Day just happens to be a nice excuse.


Special Valentine’s gifts for best friends:
16 ideas we love.

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Handmade LOVE bracelet

Gift your friend Ubuntu Life's LOVE bracelet

Your hip best friend will adore these beautiful, colorful and affordable LOVE bracelets from Ubuntu Life, all crafted by Maasai women through a decades-long partnership. We love that these bracelets come in loads of different colors and widths so you can choose the combo you know she’ll love most. I think they look awesome as one wide bracelet, or stacked all on top of each other. ($15+ on sale right now)

A low-stress, lovely paint-by-numbers kit

A pretty paint-by-number kit makes a great gift for friends

I spend way too much time staring at my phone in my “down time” (you too?), so I know that a Valentine’s gift for a best friend who needs to destress and unplug would be extra thoughtful. One idea: this beautiful, no-tech Springtime paint-by-number kit from Elle Crée. Comes with everything you need to make a pretty canvas painting in this all-in-one kit, and bonus: the reminder that spring will be here soon. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

 A book to inspire

Give the gift of a great book with The Lightmaker's Manifesto by Karen Walrond

2022 looks like it could be a hard year for many of us trying to help make change in the world, and if your bestie needs a pick-me-up, inspiration can be found in Karen Walrond’s remarkable new book The Lightmaker’s Manifesto – How to Work for Change Without Losing Your Joy.

Featured late last year as a guest on our Spawned podcast, Walrond’s book is a Valentine’s gift for a best friend who wants to  keep the passion for a special cause (or causes) alive so she can fight another year. ($26.99 at Amazon or stop by your local bookstore)

The SolaWave Wand to pamper her skin

If she loves skincare, her own SolaWave skin therapy wand with red light therapy makes an amazing gift

Want to splurge on a Valentine’s gift for your best friend? How nice of you! I think any skincare product-loving bestie will flip if you surprise her with this Valentine-pink, gentle-on-the-skin, high-tech SolaWave Wand, which we also featured in our recent roundup of 12 of the hottest high-tech beauty gifts. The sleek, small handheld device uses therapeutic warmth, microcurrents, red light therapy and facial massage to stimulate skin and boost the effects of whichever fancy serum she’s already using. It’s kind of like a magic wand. ($129 on sale on Amazon with limited time $20-off coupon) 

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A Broadway-inspired candle trio

This Broadway-themed candle trio makes a thoughtful Valentine's gift for a theater-loving friend

If she dreams a dream to see another show on Broadway so she can hear the people sing (ha, couldn’t help myself), I think this   Les Misérables-themed candle trio and pin from Stage Door Candle Co is such a cool Valentine’s gift for a best friend. Started during peak pandemic times by an out-of-work Broadway stage manager, Stage Door Candle Co. makes their candles in NYC and uses gorgeous scents like citrus, amber, sandalwood, white musk, and lavender. Whether or not you smell revolution in there, I couldn’t say. ($35)

A donation to DonorsChoose

A gift card to DonorsChoose lets your recipient pick the classroom to support

Whether she’s an educator or not, I think any big-hearted friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness if she gets a gift card to support DonorsChoose. She’ll be able to choose from thousands of classroom projects to support, searchable by location if she wants to help out a nearby school, or topic if she’s particularly interested in STEM, poetry, fitness, or computer literacy.. (gift cards come in any dollar amount and can be emailed, printed at home, or delivered via mail)

Chill out with CBD gumdrops from Molly J. 

Molly J.'s CBD gummies make a chill gift for Valentine's Day

If she could use a little more chill in her life, a mini sampler trio of high-quality CBD gummies from mom-owned Molly J. could be a thoughtful gift for your overworked friend. Grown in America with no GMO’s — and with no THC, so she doesn’t have to worry about a high –these gummies should just help take the edge off in sophisticated flavors like lemon lavender and plum cardamom. ($15-$25, Molly J)

Also, check out the fancy gift box of Blackberry Rose Sleep Formula gummies in our guide to practical Valentine’s gifts — it looks just like a spectacular box of chocolates, only…more practical. Yay for sleep. ($70)

Sign her up for a class

An online course from The Great Courses can cost under $40
Photo by Fabiola Peñalba on Unsplash

With 150 classes currently under $50, one of the classes from The Great Courses could be a great Valentine’s gift for a best friend with a hunger for learning. With topics ranging from basic sewing, yoga, or the fundamentals of photography, to more cerebral pursuits such as Optimizing Brain Fitness and practical courses like Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive, there is something for just about everyone here. (prices start at $9.95) 

We also love the celebrity-run online Masterclass courses (also perfect for the man who has everything, should your BFF be a guy).  Here, 150 classes include home cooking with Alice Waters, conservation with Jane Goodall, photography with Annie Leibovitz, and Creating Outside the Lines with Issa Rae. There’s even a course in the power of resilience from HRC herself — and we know a lot of women on our list who’d love that. (starting at $15/mo for unlimited courses or check out annual gift subscriptions.)

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Comfy pjs for bedtime or just lounge-around-the house time

Give her comfy Moonlight Dream pajamas from Nordstrom for Valentine's Day


Our own editor Liz has loved her soft and comfortable Moonlight pajamas from Nordstrom for over a year, and they’d make the perfect Valentine’s gift for a best friend! Or if you want to stick with the theme, now you can grab the brand’s heart-covered pajamas for someone in your life who could use a little ahhhhhh. Or maybe just get them for yourself. Hey, we can be our own Valentine, right? ($65, also comes in bright Valentine-heart red)

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Vivant wine tasting kit from Vivant

This brilliant wine-tasting kit makes a brilliant Valentine's gift for a best friend. Get two and enjoy together over zoom if you can't get together!

An amazing gift for your favorite oenophile: the sleek and unique wine tasting kits from Vivant from Vivant. All sourced responsibly by region (Alsace, Loire Valley, Bordeaux shown here), taste, or level of expertise, the gift box includes six organic wines for a delicious sampling. Maybe she’ll invite you over for a wine tasting, or — if you are geographically challenged — buy your own kit and do a virtual wine tasting together via Zoom. ($65+, or discounts for sets of 3)

Non-alcoholic gifts to toast with

No-alcohol spirits from the Zero Proof Bottle Shop makes a great gift for a good friend

If she doesn’t drink or is taking a break from alcohol — but misses the taste and ritual of making and enjoying a cocktail — a bottle or two of a gourmet no-alcohol spirit from The Zero Proof Bottle Shop will do the trick. Check out their extensive line of no-alcohol spirts and mixers from brands we’ve shared on Cool Mom Eats, like Curious Elixirs, Lyre’s, and Spiritless, who makes the Kentucky 74 Non-Alcoholic Bourbon shown above.

Not sure what she’d like? A gift card will allow her to pick out her new favorite cocktail. (Prices vary.)

A challenging modern puzzle

Piecework Puzzles make a great gift for friends who love to do puzzles

If your BFF rediscovered a love for jigsaw puzzles during the quarantine, she may have worked through all the boxes she owns by now. Update her stash with a beautifully designed 1000-piece puzzle in a hot-pink box from Piecework Puzzles with fun titles like Bread Head, Spaghetti Western or Some Like It Hot($32, Design Milk) 

A sampler pack from Magnolia Bakery

Order the Date Night Sampler Pack from Magnolia Bakery for your BFF at Valentine's Day

It’s totally ok if she has no intention of sharing the Valentine’s Day-themed Date Night Sampler Pack from NYC’s illustrations Magnolia Bakery with anyone at all. I mean, their cupcakes are pretty irresistible.  But then they go and throw In two large containers of their decadent new chocolate strawberry pudding? Wow. Check out all their nationwide delivery options including brownies, banana pudding, and their classic mini cupcakes — should you need a Valentines gift for a best friend who’d prefer to stay away from the hearts and lovey-dovey stuff. (small shown above, $45)

The Calm Box for a bit of zen

Send her a subscription gift to Calmbox for a monthly dose of zen

Whether you decide to gift a single box or sign her up for a recurring subscription, the unique and ahhhhhh-filled Calmbox is sure to put her into a better mindset than a typical hectic weekday. Each box is different though they often hold books, candles, lotions, snacks, or even meditation reminders. What a treat to open! ($29.99 for a single box) 

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A gift card to her favorite local coffee shop or restaurant

Valentine's gifts for best friends: A gift card to her favorite local coffee shop | photo: Vineapple Cafe, Brooklyn
Image: @vineapple, Liz’s favorite Brooklyn coffee joint

We are always looking for ways to support local coffee shops and restaurants, so consider buying gift cards to her favorite hangouts. It’s not just a cool Valentine’s gift for a best friend, but it will give those local businesses a boost during a tough time of year for the industry — especially up here where it’s cold.

She can use a gift card to buy a delicious coffee and grab some alone time away from the kids or work. Or if you want to splurge, grab a larger-value card to that new restaurant she’s wanted to try for eat-in or delivery.

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Tipsy Scoop Valentine ice cream pack

Indulgent and boozy Tipsy Scoop Valentine Ice Cream gift pack makes a great gift
Combining two of our favorite things, delicious cocktails and ice cream, we think lots of friends we know would scream (or at least say “cheers!”) for this  Valentine’s Day Four-Pack of Ice Cream from Tipsy Scoop. Made with real alcohol — hence the “21 and over” label — these yummy pints come in adult- flavors like red velvet martini and dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel.

Maybe just remind her that these are definitely boozy, so no desserting and driving please! ($56)

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